HTML5 Push registration UI element missing after 0.59.1 upgrade

Hey everyone,

Didn’t notice anything in the release notes about breaking changes to the notify component so thought I’d ask here. Push notifications still work on 0.59.1, I just can’t enrol new devices.

Was most recently on 0.58.1 and working without issue through multiple upgrades. Reverting to 0.58.1 gives me the registration button back again. Anyone else come across this one?

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Do you mean this button in general configuration?

I can’t set it on. Wondering how to enable it.

@kurniawan77 you need to setup the HTML5 notify platform for this to work

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Thanks but i don’t understand what they mean about “verify your domain”. What domain should i fill in here?

edit: nevermind… did some proper reading and saw that my Home-Assistant has to be exposed to the world… i use vpn…

I’m talking about the button that should be present in the left hand menu between “Log Out” and “Developer Tools”.

The notify component is already configured and has been working.

The button is now available at “Configuration” / “Setting” --> “General”. I got no clue, why it was moved, but at least it’s still there.

God damn that’s a bad place to have it. I don’t want everyone to be able to see and edit the config section.

Called it too soon - logging out and back in after going from 58.1 to 59.2 gives the same issue: button not present without exposing the configuration portion of the UI.

Staying on 58.1 until that’s sorted. Also noticed that on 59.2 creating a new home screen entry on Android did not make it a web app, it just launched a new chrome tab which at least one other person has confirmed experiencing.

How do you currently restrict people from viewing and editing the config section? For the moment I have no need for this, but I didn’t even know that it’s possible.

Remove “configure” from your configuration.yaml

That was a deliberate change. If you don’t like it please raise an issue. Provide as much detail about why it’s a problem as you can, so the developers can understand.

Not noted in the published change log though, nice to see we’re expected to just come across this stuff and deal with it when it happens…

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