Hue lights changes color by itself

After i have set a color for the “color” Hue lights they change 3 till 4 times a week to amber/white instead of blue and green etc.
Can i set the RGB in the script with yaml?
So it will allways use that as default?
I have tried to search and find some explanation what i understand in all the treads and stuff but i dint find something i can easy use.

Thanx in advance.

How to have RGB-light always power up with the same color/brightness.
and / or
Defaulting lights & light profile - how?.

Ty for the quick response,
But the above one get the anwser in the lower one, and that refers to a CSV file in components / lights
I have a RPi4 with SSD addon and i run the full version Home Assistant and i dont that those folders. ( HA OS 11.5)
As on your anwser they talk about the csv file there.

This is what i have in my Home Assistant folder:

So you lost me there, and this are the lights.
some are just filament bulbs without color, and the others are with colors:

Maybe im just not smart enough to follow the right direction from you answer…

Ty in advance

homeassistant folder and the config folder is the same thing, it just goes in there next to those files / folders in the same place that configuration.yaml lives.

Light - Home Assistant.


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Oooo oke,
Thanks thats something i can work with :slight_smile:
I gonna try that.

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