Hue Sensors component stopped working

Hi :slight_smile:

Woke up this morning and noticed my Hue Sensors didn’t work anymore.

I’m seeing this message in my log:

2018-07-21 11:03:49 WARNING (SyncWorker_1) [custom_components.sensor.hue] Cannot setup Hue sensors, check your config

I tried to fix it by reinstalling the component and also created a new user (token), that didn’t do the trick.

I’m using the following set up:

   - platform: hue
     token: c5VOvXeNZXeffgC0ajfpUdPOohYg3MCUoVse0f1zI

Anyone has an idea how to solve this?

It seems that the error:

[custom_components.sensor.hue] Cannot setup Hue sensors, check your config

results in getting a new api_key as suggested in this blog which is referenced in the readme.
If you allready have a phue.conf file in your config folder, just use the api_key from there and you should be fine.