Hue White Ambiance GU10 (LTW013) color temperature


I’m a newbee to HA. So far I’ve been able to add stuff, create some automations, modify some yaml. And pretty satisfied with HA so far. I’m using HA with ZHA/Conbee2 on and RPI4. All lights and devices were added without any issue. I’ve had an easier experience than with the Hue app in fact.

There’s something that I’m not able to do (yet): set the color temperature for my LTW013 Hue lights. (Philips Hue White Ambiance GU10 LTW013 Zigbee compatibility)

I’m getting all of these properties:

supported_color_modes: xy
color_mode: null
brightness: null
hs_color: null
rgb_color: null
xy_color: null
off_with_transition: false
off_brightness: null
friendly_name: Hue kookeiland 2 Licht
supported_features: 40

When I open the device, I can change the color (not supported by the device)

I would’ve expected a slider for color temperature, does any one how to set this? If I have to do some yaml , that’s fine, but I’d like them a bit warmer than the default.

Hope someone can help!



Wow. I actually managed to do it quite easily by installing mushroom cards…


(Mushroom Cards - Build a beautiful dashboard easily 🍄 (Part 1))