Hyperion becomes unavailable when turned off

hi all

New installation of Hyperion working perfectly standalone

installed the Home Assistant integration if I toggle the LEDs off in the integration they do go off, but the switch I. Lovelace jumps back to on, and it becomes unavailable.

Only way to recover is reboot the Hyperion pi

Any one else seen this know how to work round it ?

Same problem here… My Hyperion is on a Pi 3b+. I haven’t found the reason of the problem. I have a work around that i want to try but haven’t had a chance yet, sending ssh commands to Hyperion to switch on and off the led instance…
If you find a solution or a good work around, please let me know.

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Just to clarify that the problem is not generic, I have Hyperion running and have no such issues.

Obviously impossible to pinpoint your issue with the information provided.
Is the hyperion service killed?

Can you please confirm the version your using?

I’ve done some digging looks like the problem started for others with alpha 11, if you are running alpha 10 or below then my advice is don’t upgrade at the moment

are you running alpha 11 ?

Nope. Alpha 10.

Thought so found this post among others seems alpha 11 broke something

I do, yes: 2.0.0-alpha.11
Is it possible to install the previous version?

This is a known bug with Hyperion on the github side of things.

The problem should be resolved now whenever alpha-12 makes its way to a release.


thanks I’ll wait for the next release see if it’s resolved

Hyperion 2.0.12 was recently released, it has resolved the home assistant bug for me.

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Create a token on Hyperion, Delete and add hyperion integration from HASS. Now switch of Hyperion and on again, You will never loose connectivity. Its stable …!

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