I accidentally deleted my configuration.yaml file

Does anyone have a link to the original configuration.yaml file? Luckily I’ve just started with configuration so I didn’t lose that much.

Also, anyone have any ideas on how to automatically back up the configuration.yaml file to the backup directory so this issue won’t be as sever in the future should this happen again?

configuration.yaml (1.2 KB)

Thanks for the file.

How did you delete the file, it may be recoverable?

There’s a few methods for backup up such as git, rsync, rclone, cp,

I personally use git and rclone. Rclone runs on a cron job so it just copies directory to directory for a 1 to 1 copy on a usb drive i have inserted and to Google Drive. With rclone you can also use cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, onedrive and more. r
i think basic configuration.yaml is

  name: Yourname here
  latitude: your lat
  longitude: your long
  elevation: your elevation
  unit_system: imperial
  time_zone: your time zone
  customize: !include includes/customize.yaml

I’m using the hassio image on a raspberry pi3. I noticed there was a backup directory on the machine and was wondering if there was a way to automate that. I haven’t poked around too much with this yet. I have a synology NAS but seeing as the SD card is not likely to corrupt, a local copy in backup would likely be enough.

Rsync doesn’t seem to be available in shell.

More like most definitely.

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Right. rpi sd cards corrupt for a past time.
Dodgy psu - corrupted
Power goes out - corrupted

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