I am going crazy with my KNX connection

I am going crazy with my KNX connection. Everything worked fine until the last update 0.117. But version 0.118 I lose the state of my switched power-sockets. I can switch my power-sockets in the morning, but the state does not change in HA anymore.
Dimmable light I have no problem with the status.
Now I read something about you can set the “state_updater” to “false”.Where in the configuration do I have to do this (integrate)? I would like to try this if it solves my problem.
Next question:
What would be recommended to optimize the ETS?

Thanks for a few tips

Just wait for this: https://github.com/home-assistant/core/pull/43645
Until then roll back to 0.117

Thanks for your quick answer, you deserve a beer

I missed this link :slight_smile:
All right… let’s hope the update comes quickly …