I am new, zigbee question

I want to get some Tuya ZigBee radiator controllers… so I am going to need a ZigBee HUB… If I get a Xiaomi gateway 3 will it work?

I also want to get XIAOMI Mijia Bluetooth Thermometers

I assume I will have to connect Xiaomi devices in their app and the Tuya devices in tuya app?
Will it work with only one xiaomi ZigBee hub??
Do I need 2 hubs?

So… basically my question is, will one zigbee hub work with multiple apps (tuya and mi home) at this same time or do I need multiple hubs?

If you want to control everything with Home Assistant, I highly recommend one zigbee controlling hub for all devices that speak zigbee. I will not recommend a brand, that’s your call… (but I use a Conbee II)

Have a look at https://zigbee.blakadder.com/ regarding compatibility. I also use a Conbee II and so far,I have managed to get all my devices working.The Aqara/Xiaomi hub is limited to their own devices plus some IKEA devices.

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thanks, I realy like the xiaomi temperature sensors… and they are quite cheap. I also would like them to work with tuya radiator controllers. But it seams it would not be “out of the box experience”.

I will stick with tuya compatible devices.

No, no, wait… :wink:

You need to read up first, what and how all these things work together (or not). As you’re in the HomeAssistant board, I’m assuming, you want to get into these “Home Automation” things.

If that’s the way you want to go, you would just need a Zigbee dongle. Take a look here: https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/information/supported_adapters.html

With this dongle, you can talk to almost all devices via Zigbee, eg the Xiaomi/Aqara temp sensors, the Tuya thermostats, the IKEA bulbs and so on. No need for a specific hub. I’m sorry, but it would be way to much to explain that in depth, that’s why I’d advise to read up on those things. It saves you a lot of money and your overall experience will be way better.

EDIT: Zigbee2mqtt: getting rid of your proprietary Zigbee bridges (Xiaomi, Hue, TRADFRI)

Or Conbee 2 as already mentioned. I have one working perfectly with: IKEA, Xiaomi and Tuya zigbee devices. I use the ZHA integration and it’s been great.

I have a PI that’s not in use somewhere so I could set up HA
but I am afraid that going the HA route will require much more work. It’s a rented apartment where I want just extra convinience and not a full smart home system.

Well this is a HA forum so one would expect that you are going to use HA. HA is not hard and does not require much work.

I used HA in a rental for a while and it was no effort at all to move house.

That’s on the list of supported devices as well. :wink: I personally find the ConBee dongles a little expensive and I need another component, that’s why I’d stay with a no–name dongle (like Electrolamas). But that’s totally personal choice. :slight_smile:

If you take your time and invest in some reading beforehand, you will notice a lot of things in the “SmartHomeWorld” that are perfectly fitting into a rented space. I for one have now 17 Zigbee devices running, a few Pis, a lot more ESPs and it is a great hobby. :slight_smile:

If you install a lamp, it doesn’t matter if it is smart (and therefor controllable) or not. :wink: I have changed only two points in my electrical installation (rented flat), everything else runs with no changes, just a little DIY. I calculate the time to remove all “smart” things on three hours total. That’s short, taken the comfort it brings. :slight_smile: