I am unable to get Aqara button or cube entities to show up in ZHA

I have an Aqara Cube T1 Pro (MFKZQ11LM) and a few Aqara Wireless Mini Switch’s (WXKG11LM). I can pair them just fine but the cube only shows 2 entities (battery - unknown, identify) and the buttons only show the battery entity. I have the cube set to action mode and I see all the individual actions (flipped, slid, shaken, rotate right, rotate left, and double tap) register in the logbook. I can trigger an automation by selecting device and then selecting an event. The problem comes to trying to make different actions based on which trigger was used. When using a choose or if then action only entities show up under the conditions. The same issue occurs for the buttons. I can select an device trigger and select single press, double press, long press, or long press release but there are no entities to select when selecting devices in the actions section.

I have 35 zigbee devices connected to ZHA using a Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus (ZBDongle-P) with the latest firmware (20221226). The sensor does show it is compatible with ZAH at https://zigbee.blakadder.com/. The cube T1 doesn’t specifically show compatibility but again I am seeing the state changes in ZHA.

How can I get the entities to show up in ZHA or how can I leverage the state changes I can see in the logbook without needing the entities to show up?

The easiest way to use those devices is with the Blueprints that are available. They have all the required code to translate the events to actions.

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Dave thanks! I think you just revolutionized my understanding of Home Assistant. I hadn’t dug into blueprints yet. I was able to import the ZHA - Xiami Cube Controller and get the cube working. I was also able to leverage the script too to get the CW and CCW turning functions to dim lights working also. I will work on the mini-switch next.