I can't add any new zwave devices, device add just times out

I have 14 working zwave devices, a zooz 700 dongle running FW 7.17.2 on a USB extension cable.

I’m trying to add either 2 new GE light switches 25ft from dongle but 1 foot from working GE light switch, OR 2 blinds in a room with 6 other working blinds and only a few feet from another working GE light switch, OR a zwave repeater that plugs into a wall socket and I’ve tried that all over the house including within a foot of the zooz dongle.

I don’t see anything in the zwave log even on debug or silly. If I kick off an add it times out and there’s no log updates, shouldn’t I see something in the logs?

I also don’t see anything in the Diagnostics Controller Statistics change from prior to an “add device” and after it times out… I’d expect to see time outs or something change?

I’m not sure what’s happening but I did have a GE switch that went bad and was flooding the network and wouldn’t allow me to do anything and many of the devices stopped working. That’s how the blinds got removed, I was trying to debug and removed them to add them to the original zwave remote to prove they work. I’ve reset the blinds and the remote and I can’t add them or the new GE switches or even a repeater.

Any guidance is appreciated…

Have you power cycled the computer and the zwave stick? Get everything back to a clean state, then assess your current network, all nodes are reporting, tx and RX errors are low.

I have power cycled it and upgraded to very recent OS and HA builds.
HA Core 10.1.2022
OS 9.0

I have 14 devices and all are functioning, I just can’t add any new devices or re-add devices that were working before ( blinds ).

Shouldn’t I see somthing in the zwave logs set to silly when I kick off a “add device”? I don’t see anything and all the counts in the screen shot below don’t change from before the add and after the timeout.

Have you tried a factory reset on the device (like the blinds), and then trying to pair it?

Yes, I factory reset 1 of the blinds, reset the top and bottom range and again tried to add, no go.

2 of the 3 GE light switches I’m trying to add are new out of the box as is the zwave repeater.

Shouldn’t there be a log entry when on debug or silly in the zwave logs when I try to add a device? I see nothing at all in the logs…

Not sure, this thread has some ideas

Thanks PeteRage you gave me some ideas.

I updated to the latest as of today version and was able to add some of the devices. I still have the initial blind failing but now I’m seeing log messages I’d expect and it shows the blind starts to get included then fails. I get a message on the Add a Zwave Device window on my mobile device that says, The device could not be added. Please check the logs for more information. Log info below…

2022-10-24T16:51:41.921Z CNTRLR The controller is now ready to add nodes
2022-10-24T16:51:50.905Z SERIAL « 0x0107004a04020000b4 (9 bytes)
2022-10-24T16:51:50.910Z SERIAL » [ACK] (0x06)
2022-10-24T16:51:50.914Z DRIVER « [REQ] [AddNodeToNetwork]
status: NodeFound
callback id: 4
2022-10-24T16:51:50.918Z DRIVER handling request AddNodeToNetwork (74)
2022-10-24T16:51:50.919Z DRIVER 1 handler registered!
2022-10-24T16:51:50.920Z DRIVER invoking handler #0
2022-10-24T16:51:50.921Z CNTRLR handling add node request (status = NodeFound)
2022-10-24T16:51:53.149Z SERIAL « 0x0107004a0407230092 (9 bytes)
2022-10-24T16:51:53.151Z SERIAL » [ACK] (0x06)
2022-10-24T16:51:53.154Z DRIVER « [REQ] [AddNodeToNetwork]
status: Failed
callback id: 4
2022-10-24T16:51:53.157Z DRIVER handling request AddNodeToNetwork (74)
2022-10-24T16:51:53.158Z DRIVER 1 handler registered!
2022-10-24T16:51:53.159Z DRIVER invoking handler #0
2022-10-24T16:51:53.160Z CNTRLR handling add node request (status = Failed)
2022-10-24T16:51:53.162Z CNTRLR Adding the node failed
2022-10-24T16:51:53.163Z CNTRLR stopping inclusion process…
2022-10-24T16:51:53.177Z SERIAL » 0x0105004ac50570 (7 bytes)
2022-10-24T16:51:53.179Z DRIVER » [REQ] [AddNodeToNetwork]
action: Stop
high power: true
network wide: true
callback id: 5
2022-10-24T16:51:53.184Z SERIAL « [ACK] (0x06)
2022-10-24T16:51:53.187Z SERIAL « 0x0107004a0506230092 (9 bytes)
2022-10-24T16:51:53.188Z SERIAL » [ACK] (0x06)
2022-10-24T16:51:53.190Z DRIVER « [REQ] [AddNodeToNetwork]
status: Done
callback id: 5
2022-10-24T16:51:53.198Z CNTRLR The inclusion process was stopped

It does seem like it’s partially added as I have to do a reset on the blind to exclude it then I can try to include again otherwise the add just times out again.

Can someone help me debug this further? I’ll add that I can add this blind to the original remote sent with the blind and it works fine, it’s only with HA that I’m having issues and I have 7 other blinds in the same room that all work with zwave perfectly. This blind was also working a month ago and it just stopped working with HA one day…

OK, I finally got this working… I was able to exclude and add the device (blind) and the add always failed as shown in the log above. I FINALLY tried to add it without security, “insecure” mode. It was using Secure if possible and would never add the device.

It’s interesting that I have 7 other blinds in the same room that were all added with the default Secure if possible but I think I FINALLY have this all working again…