I do not know how to check the path of my usb

Good evening
I have hassio running on a virtual machine Proxmox.
I mount the USB stick Aeotec USB Z-Stick.
I do not know how to check the path of my usb key to know if I have / dev / ttyACM0 to put in the parameters z-wave.
thanks :slight_smile:

Hassio menu, system tab, host system card, hardware button.

ls /dev/tty* it should list all the serial devices

thank you for the answer.
I have a question surely stupid. but I start when I am with the terminal CLI hassio to type the command ls … I can just help, info, …

Do you have a terminal on the underlying os? In promax

You really don’t need the CLI for this information:


Great thank you very much it works.

How do I get there in the latest version? I’, looking ofr my sonopff USB, but cant find it. The instructions from Mark (youtube) are very clear, but the Add-ons. system tab is now missig…

Settings > System > Hardware > Three dot icon top right > All Hardware

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Thank you so much!