I give up, just is not worth the time and effort

And another sd card messed up. This time HA ran for two weeks.

This project is failed, it is not worth anybodies time.
HA never functioned longer then 3 weeks at my home. I changed everything a few times. This is my third PI, my 12th sd card, fourth power supply.
Just a waste of time this crap hassio

Does anybody have any suggestions for a working home automation system?


Wrong place to ask for an alternative…

Anyway, maybe you should run Home Assistant on a different platform than a Raspberry? There are many options! Virtual Machine, Intel NUC, Linux-Hosted Docker-Container … Home Assistant without an SD-Card, yes possible (even on a Raspberry)!

Good luck!


Given the large number of people who’ve been running HA successfully for months / years (myself now included). I think you need to look elsewhere for why your attempt has not been successful.

I have a great suggestion for a working home automation system - it’s called home assistant :slight_smile:

Perhaps one of the more “off the shelf” systems such as Smartthings might be more suitable?


It’s the second topic you’ve started about this. Not sure what you expect…

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I’ve got Home Assistant in a raspberry for a year and a half with ZERO issues in power supply or other hardware. I dont know for sd cards because I am on a HDD… So if you can give it another shot, go with with an HDD and not an sd card. Generally sd cards tend to break after some time with so many reads and writes.
So… it is not HASS.io but the hardware and the setup you used…
A whole community of hundreds of people are using HA as you but they have no problems…
So instead of ranting about HA, you should see if something else is wrong…


If you use SD cards not a single home automation software will work the way you expect. This is due to the amount of write actions to the card. Try using a HDD instead or move over to a NUC or dedicated server (could be in vm too) I have it running on an Ubuntu VM for almost a year now!

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I used to burn through SD cards with the Pi crashing once every two weeks or so. After figuring out what caused it (logging my energy usage in InfluxDB on the same pi) it now has crashed only once in 6 months and the card is still fine. I’m still considering moving another platform though.


Ran home assistant for 2 years on a single raspi and single sd card. If you are chewing through sd cards, then you aren’t properly avoiding read/writes. sd cards in general cannot handle ton’s of IOs. This has nothing to do with HA, this is just SD cards in general. If you try again, try to limit your history and logging.

As for the negative attitude, take that elsewhere. Just because you have personal issues with the software doesn’t mean you can be a jerk to the developers of a FREE software package. They owe you nothing.


I also have to call BS

16 days ago

then today:

And to top it off, the first reply gives you the correct solution and you clearly didn’t listen, instead argued. That says alot.


Good luck :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear you had such a bad time with Home Assistant. There are several threads on this forum explaining how to improve reliability but it sounds like you have already made up your mind. Sorry to see you go.

I recommend Charmed Quark Controller (CQC). It is used by hobbyists and professional systems integrators. It runs on a PC (only). CQC is a stable and mature product, now over 10 years old, and continues to be developed and supported by the same skilled and knowledgeable developer (Dean Roddey). Be advised that, like any commercial product designed for systems integrators, it is not free, not even for hobbyists. It starts at US$199 and goes up from there (plus the cost of the PC, of course).

On the other hand, if this was just a public venting of your frustration followed by a hollow threat to ‘split up’ with Home Assistant, then I hope you feel better now. Take a week off (or more) from home automation. Come back after you’ve purchased a mini PC, with an SSD, and start over. The least expensive Intel NUC, plus RAM and SSD, will cost ~ US$200.

Whichever route you choose, good luck!


It doesn’t sound like you would be able to get any other the other home-automation systems work either to be honest.
You might be better off with Hue and Alexa compatible stuff; those are geared for people with a less technical skill set.

Anecdotally, my HA setup has been running great for over a year now. I had 1 SD card fail at the start and decided that historical data collection was more important than SD card longevity and moved to a VM on a real computer. Haven’t had a single non-user-error issue or crash of the system since then.


I don’t think you can classify this as a failed project when hundreds of people have made it work and use it on a daily basis (like I do) even my wife is extremely happy with Home Assistant even more so than the previously used Homekit.

Maybe you should start to look at proprietary systems like philips hue. Or just ask nicely instead of ranting.

You can send me a PM whenever you want (I can speak Dutch, and if you live near Eindhoven I am even willing to show you what to do).

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Run it on a NUC with a real SSD under Ubuntu. Or turn off logging and history for almost everything. Or move your DB to another machine. You cannot blame the hardware limitations of a sub $100 PC on Home Assistant. This is all standard advice that pretty much anyone would give you if you bothered to ask and listen.


I’ve been running our Home Assistant instance on a Raspberry Pi with a previously6used micro-SD card first with Hassbian for almost a year and now Hass.io for at least 6 months. (not exactly sure about the count but something like that).

We run a pretty simple setup though with little in the way of automations and scripts but mostly for running z-wave and zigbee devices in the UI and through the Google Assistant.

Still, only issue we’ve really had was when I butchered Hassbian somehow, when hassio stopped connecting to our Wi-Fi (plugged it in through a cable without issue), and when the Deconz component got a bad update.

Sooner or later the SD-card will give up but I’m not to worried myself.

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Just don’t forget to back it up :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep. Failed so hard Ubiquiti decided to hire @balloob to develop on it full-time…

Failed so hard that thousands of people run it without issues…

Yep. Failed.


In this case it can be all about the sdcard, some sdcards are complete garbage. Alot of times you get what you pay for. My setup has been running for 4 year now on the same sdcard, and I have not turned off any logging. One of the best sdcard to go with are the Samsung Evo + series. I usually grab the 32 gig variant and I find them on sale all the time for about $10. This is a hobby and there are some frustrations, but there are some really fantastic moments, that make you smile and say I did that. This forum is full of wonderful users that would be wiling to bend over backward to help when a problem arises. Before you know it you could be one of those user’s that is helping other users down the line. So, like I said this is a hobby and you need to put the time in to get what you want working to work, but if you need something that works out of the box then you should take the suggestions from above, and start a new experience.


Another id ten tee thread.

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Home automation is not a destination but a journey.

A journey full of dysentery, poison dart frogs and lost luggage.