I need guidance on alarm system with Home Assitant

I only have a few items set up with home assistant. I have 4 doors in my house wired magnetic switches that go to a nodemcu device that has ESPHome loaded. I currently monitor these doors with an automation and when they open, I send a critical alert to our iPhones. That works great, but as you can imagine, if I am constantly going in and out of my side door into my garage, it is constantly going off. So what I am looking for, is a way to disarm my automation temporarily, with something like a button/switch on my interface so O can turn the alarm off/on as I desire. My overhead garage door is also automated using a Sonoff SV with a switch so I can open that remotely.

I am sure I will have more questions, once I decide what path I take, but mostly I am looking for the best practice method to accomplish something like this. Keeping in mind I will be most likely building upon my home assistant system to enhance security in my home.

I thank you in advance of any guidance that you can give me.


Well there’s the core manual alarm you can use:

Or if you want something with a few more bells and whistles check out:

Either way you can arm and disarm your doors from the one alarm panel.

@tom_I, the manual alarm is exactly what I needed! When I get to adding more entities and devices, I will most likely implement your custom component. Thank you very much.