I want to invert cover percentage (0=open & 100=closed)

I have some MQTT covers and HA assumes that a value of 0 means closed and 100 means opened.
This way a slider percentage of, for example, 30% means that the cover is 30% opened.

Now I wanted to change this so that it will show 70% instead. Meaning it’s 70% closed.

I can do this with:

position_open: 0
position_closed: 100
position_template: “{{ 100 - value_json.position }}”

This way it correctly reports the percentage like I want. But the close and open button are getting disabled in the wrong order.

Now when the cover is closed, the open button is disabled and when the cover is opened, the close button is disabled. I need to somehow reverse this behaviour too.

But it looks like they are getting disabled based on the position_open and position_closed values?
If so, I cannot change the behaviour like I wanted without modifying HA?