IBeacon in WEAR OS watches


Since a few months i am using the ibeacon sensor in my wear os (galaxy watch 4).
and i want to discuss with other users about this.
Remember that the ibeacon is the “BLE TRANSMITTER” sensor.

The ibeacon have a high battery consumption and it will be interesting to discuss the diferent parameters to optimice the battery. How do you config this?

Other interesting thing is that i cant setup the ibeacon in a galaxy watch 5. In a 4 it works fine, but in other phone (my wife phone), she have the watch 5 and i enabled the ble transmitter, it apears in the server as transmitting, but i can see the IBEACON:XXXXXXXXXX in mqtt explorer :frowning: (i use espresense as detectors)

Other interesting thing is to use a automation to stop the ble trasmitting and start again. I you want i can share how i do

I obtain this information in the github of the home assistant companion app

if you have a galaxy watch 5 and you want to use the ibeacon with espresense you must setup the ibeacon launching notifications to the watch to configure the advertise mode as balanced and the transmitting power as high