iBeacon on 1.5.0 - not updating Zone


Hi there.

I am trying to setup my iBeacons on HA with iOS app 1.5.0.

I know that iOS app detects my iBeacon, but there is no location change on UI. Here is app log when I’m entering iBeacon zone and when I go outside iBeacon range.

Can anyone help me? I don’t understand why it isn’t work.


Sorry for spliting my post but new users has images limit per post.

Here is my zone config:



And customize:



I am having the same issue. I was on the beta and everything worked fine. But now only gps updates are working (manually mostly)


You’re right. Beta build 32 works perfect for me. Build 34 (the last one) skipping not only iBeacon exit but making something bad with enter event.

1.5.0 Feedback

Did you make any progress on this? I’m trying to figure out why my iBeacon zone isn’t working


I’m seeing similar errors on 1.5. 2.0 beta seems to recognize the iBeacon.

iPhone8, iOS 12.1.4


This is a known issue; and fixed in the upstream. Next release should solve it.

Or roll back to 1.5.0 beta build 32.


Try the beta for 1.5.1. iBeacons should be fixed on that version.