ID Lock 150 and zwave

My ID Lock 150 works and it shows up as expected in HA. One thing Im not sure about is in the z-wave configuration of this node. I have a section called Node user codes when the ID Lock node is selected. This section has a drop down menu showing Code slots 0 through 109. Selecting slot 1 shows my “master code” that I selected in the manual (key pad) installation of the lock. None of the pin codes I have configured is shown in the list. What should I make of this? Is this useful? If so for what? I would like to be able to configure pin codes but when trying to set a new code in slot 2 did not create a new pin code.

A secondary question, if it is possible to, via z-wave configuration, set and change pin codes. Is it possible to automate with a script to delete and set z-wave config params? If so what is the syntax?

I can confirm setting pincode and getting back which pincode is used during unlock with ozw beta for my IDlock150 with 1.6 firmware

Oooo nice. I am not using ozw. Tried it but I didn’t see any more configuration abilities and no information regarding which pin code was used.

Can you share a screen shot of the additional config and log screens?

What do you mean with 1.6 firmware? I just updated the locks firmware to 1.5.6 and I believe that is the latest.

I followed these instructions to get ozw running: Get OpenZWave Beta working. Is that the same as your setup?

The firmware for the zwave module should be 1.6 and not 1.5.


The one at the bottom is the entity for showing which usercode unlocked.