iEAST Multiroom Home Audio -Look for integration


hi Everyone ,

iEAST is a leading Wireless Multiroom Audio System brand ,it offers product range from

  • streamer , connect to your existed active speaker or amp to upgrade them to connected audio system .
  • Stream built-in amp,connect to your existed passive speaker or in-ceiling speaker ,upgrade them to connected audio system .
    All products can set up as one multiroom audio system ,play same music or different music in all room .Similar idea to SONOS.
    Besides that ,if offers global internet radio ,play from your local source,play HI-Res music files …
    -More products and speaker product on the way .
    To know more, anyone can visit website here :

We’re looking for experts to integrate Home Assistant .
Would this be a right place to do that ?

Anyone interested and capable of doing that, pls PM me .

BTW,we can offer http API doc for developers to intergrate .



Hi! I have the same project here but I don’t know how to integrate with HA. With you have more insights please share. Thanks Rafael


This is the same topic:
LinkPlay Integration

iEast is LinkPlay ( WiiMu )
The same hardware uses:
Audio Pro
iDea USA


@leon0986 I have made some work on a HA component for Linkplay based devices. The code is available here: I have some issues getting playlists working, but other than that most standard playback functionallity is there. The code is not submitted to the HA project yet since I only have been able to test it with a single device.

This is my first HA component so it’s probably a bit buggy :slight_smile: