LinkPlay Integration


Is anyone else besides myself interested in a component for LinkPlay audio systems integration? I don’t have much information on it but it seems like a good fit for a future addition to Home Assistant.

Here is the website for the service

They are a little light on specific details even on their own website but I think the SoC concept behind it (much like Google’s Chromecast audio) is in high demand right now.

Audiocast Media Device/Player HA
iEAST Multiroom Home Audio -Look for integration

Yes, very!

Linkplay seems to be everywhere, this page doesn’t even include the two speakers I have… My lovely Audio Pro and the dirt cheap from kjell… They work perfect together though.

I have no clue how hard it is to implement, but there seems to be some work done?

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Yep, the work

made works great!


Sorry to ramble…

I guess basically everything could be done with what already exists.

platform: rest
will put a switch in the frontend that when triggered plays the Swedish radio in my kitchen.
A Linkplay platform would be fantastic though!
Will be quiet for a while now.


The concept of this player is interesting.
The LinkPlay ( WiiMu ) company manufactures Audio WiFi modules that are used in the innumerable equipment of such companies as:
Audio Pro
iDea USA

Description of control:

Is there anyone who could write a home assistant component


It would be awesome to have a component for this!


As it is a DLNA compatible device, you can try using the dlna_dmr component. I am currently setting this up for my Venztech A5.



I would really like some help in testing out a new HA component for Linkplay based devices that I’ve been working on. It’s my first HA component and I’m quite novice when it comes to Python so expect issues :slight_smile:

If you’re willing to try it out, it’s located here: . Copy the file into the custom_components/media_player folder in your HA config folder.

Documentation for the component is available (in markup) here:

Basic player control should work. I have some issues with source selection and media info display but hope to get that sorted if I can get some help from people with other devices. Since I only have one Linkplay based device at home there is no multiroom support…

Let me know how it works :slight_smile:


The component uses eyeD3 to get media info from mp3 files, and it effectively fills the /tmp partition very quickly… Will see if I can get around that somehow :slight_smile: