IFTTT replacement?

Hello, IFTTT announced that if you want to have more than 3 applets, you should pay. Does HA have anything that we can use instead of IFTTT? I know that Microsoft Flow offers similar services, but HA does not have integration with Microsoft Flow.

Is there anything else that I can use?

Local automations?

What are you using IFTTT for?

I use IFTTT to set my Nest thermostat to “home” and “away” (I retained my old Nest account instead of migrating to Google, so this is still possible for the moment). There appears to be no alternative within HA.

With some other integrations (Nuki, for example) IFTTT also offers more options.

I use IFTTT to open and close garage door, to turn on and off multiple lights. My wife likes when she says “Hey Google, turn on the coffee maker” in the morning while she is in bed. Using IFTTT I receive notifications when my doors and windows are opening and closing, etc.

Ok, but what type of garage door opener/coffee pot/door or window sensors do you have?

Why not expose it as a switch or scrips that you turn on/off ? Or if you don’t want to use those words, you can make routines??
The only advantage of IFTTT was the use of ingredients, all the rest can be accomplished , without

Can you please give me some examples how to do this?

Following here.

Our home is full of Google Homes and I do not use the HA Google Integration, but rather IFTTT for the reasons listed above.

Boggles my mind there’s not an ‘easy’ way to allow me to ask Google to do something, with variable(s) and have HA execute it. Also mind-boggling there’s not a way to have these ‘asks’ be ‘generic’ (where I don’t have to duplicate IFTTT routines or duplicate Google routines across every user in my home).

HA does SUCH a great job bringing platforms together (Honeywell, SmartThings, Google Maps Location, etc.) in our house - but the whole thing falls short when you want to do anything ‘on the fly’ (“Hey Google!”) vs. via ‘fixed triggers’ (HA automations).

Just create a templat switch, with whatever service you want to… Then expose that switch

Thank you for your reply. I am not sure how I can use it. Of course, I can setup toggle for some specific switches, but I cannot do one for all switches with one command. IFTTT sends command to specific entity IDs. For example, if I say to turn on or off coffee maker, it sends command to “switch.coffee_maker”. If I say close/open garage door, it sends command to “cover.garage_door”. The same for all other switches. The entity id depends on what I said and IFTTT uses my words.

I don’t understand the issue? You can make as many template switched as you want in HA?

Correct, but I cannot have more than three applets in IFTTT anymore. I need more than three because of all my switches and notifications that I send and receive.

And for the switches and covers you already have , you can expose them already now? They will even show up as an icon/switch/door in your home app…
That’s not possible with IFTTT… Only the use of ingredients is/was an advantage with IFTTT…

I prefer to speak native to Google, and not the specific keywords you need to setup in IFTTT

Yes, as I said before, you don’t need IFTTT for that , just use the Google assistant component from HA itself?

I can do it now, but I received an email that if I want to continue using them and have more than 3 applets, I have to purchase Pro plan from them.

I will check it, thank you.

Ok, it’s much better then IFTTT? Especially for your scenario… And if you use nabucasa, it’s even easier

Ahhh exposing the scripts was the secret sauce for me. Just set one up where I wanted to use my voice to change an input select helper. I was headed down the road of exposing a switch and triggering off of that without realizing scripts and scenes are also exposed. I even finished the script off with a google_cloud_say response to confirm, similar to the way IFTTT handles it.

That’s not purely a HA limitation though; Google pays IFTTT and provides a customized endpoint into their automation cloud to allow users to do this sort of thing. Seeing how HA is open source and free, and NabuCasa only charges $5/monthly, it’s pretty hard to get that kind of flexibility with Google without paying them for it.

With that said, this could change in the next few months as Google has recently updated their Google Smart Home platform (Primeiros passos com o Cloud para nuvem  |  Cloud-to-cloud  |  Google Home Developers) with a lot of new features behind intents and fulfillments. It’ll be interesting to see what people can come up with.

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Certainly not ‘bashing’ HA / HA community whatsoever for limitations. I’d certainly imagine one (or more) individuals would be all over improving the integration b/w Google and HA given the ability to better interact via API / endpoints into their system.

Just a generalization that it’s odd we can (again) launch humans into space, land their launch rocket on a boat in the ocean, bring said humans backs - yet can’t easily ask Google to run a script in HA…

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