Ikea Dirigera integration

I just got it working after a few tries!
Steps I took:

  1. I reset the Dirigera Hub to start from scratch (I also removed the hub from the Homekit-app)
  2. Added diregera hub again in Ikea’s own app and all the lights.
  3. Added Homekit as an Integration in the Ikea-app.
  4. Open up Home Assistant and add Homekit Controller integration.
  5. The dirigera hub will be found and ready to be integrated.

I found this thread stating that for Homekit controller to find the Dirigera hub, it can’t be connected to Homekit also. Home Kit Devices Not showing in Home Assistant - #2 by robertklep

Hope it helps someone.

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Wait, so I need the Homekit integration in HA even though I don’t have Apple devices nor Apple Homekit? I am so confused.

I just checked the Ikea app and I only have Google and Amazon listed as possible integrations. Is that because I am on an Android phone?

Trying to get it to work with HomeKit doesn’t work for me, I don’t know how any of the HomeKit stuff works.

Any news on this? I am dying for a direct integration. Had so bad connectivity issues with the old TRÅDFRI hub, and now I moved to an house with 2 floors, and knew I needed something better. I bought the Dirigera hub, and it have been working flawlessly for me. So much more reliable than the TRÅDFRI hub, but now I cant use Home Assistant any more -_-


This doesn’t work for me

I am wanting to make an integration for this for a while now since I know there are a lot of people waiting on this. Except I don’t have the device, so if someone is in the Netherlands and can miss it for a few weeks I can take a look and make a native way to use the integration.


Correct me if I am wrong but, once they release their Matter support, it will be supported through that?

Does IKEA have an open API to do so?

I don’t know, but I know there are some other initiatives that reverse engineered the API. So I have to do the same but in Python and it should work :slight_smile:

Based on the number of projects on GitHub that are interfacing directly with the Dirigera API, would it be reasonable to say this integration is possible?

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Yeah, that’s basically what I had to do in the end.
Doesn’t really work through the IKEA integration yet.
Not sure about Smartthings, but probably not. Google Home integration is currently broken. Works though Alexa but not in a particularly way for Home Assistant.
Few hours writing some code to glue the python library to a light entity seems to work a treat (but the brightness is a bit funky rn).

The google home integrations with IKEA is up and running again - I found out a few days ago!

Where in NL do you live, and what do you need? The dirigera hub?

Around Utrecht, preferably the hub and some device to test with

Dirigera doesn’t publish sensors over it’s API for some reason, not that I know of, at least. I have Dirigera connected as a Homekit device. Works flawlessly.

flawlessly for the entities it supports…

there are quite a few that are not seen by Homekit (that Are returned in the Ikea Tradfri Gateway/Integration combination)

it would really be great to have a core integration for Dirigera, and not having to rely on 3d party for that.
for the time being its ok, but hoping for beter times tbh.

I’ve built an integration for those interested: GitHub - matthewdavidlloyd/ha-ikea-dirigera

It currently only has support for dimmable lights and temperature/humidity sensors (as those are the only devices I have connected to mine), but I’m happy to add more if people can supply an example API response.

  • I switched my Dirigera off;
  • Swapped the Ethernet port;
  • Waited 2-3 mins;
  • Booted the Dirigera back up.

It showed up in Home Assistant automatically within 1 minute via Homekit.

I was moving it to a new place on an unrelated matter, the Ethernet port swap is probably not required just including it for completeness.

Not sure if this works for everyone, but might save some effort before starting from scratch if it does.

Side note, no remotes like everyone else, I can see:

  • Lights;
  • Tradfri outlet plugs;
  • Starkvind air purifier (air quality sensor + lock only);
  • The Dirigera Hub itself.

Hope it helps!

Which ones are those and what am I missing?

been a while since I tested but I remember at least the fan sensors not being available (air quality and I believe speed too)

I also recall having trouble getting the older motion sensors setup with a light in those new rooms.

Admit I didnt persist at that time, because it was too fundamental for my config to get into trouble.

could you please elaborate on what you did get migrated successfully? I might give it a second chance if that would fit my needs, and only keep the unsupported ones on the Gateway.

I still feel we should not have to rely on 3d party integration though, as in my experience the HomeKit does add a delay and the direct communication with the original hardware seems the preferred topology