Ikea FYRTUR and zigbee2mqtt, buttons grey

Hi, after a homeassistant update, the up/down buttons are gone. In the web interface from the zigbee2mqtt, slider and close/open buttons are available and functional. I tried to remove the entity and re-add it, but the behavior is the same.


Any ideas? thanks

Hi, I had the same Problem and could solve it with this post:

I had to update my zigbee2mqtt plugin + repository path, therefore I did:

  1. stop and uninstall the zigbee2mqtt plugin
  2. add the new repository path on the plugin side.


  1. install zigbee2mqtt from the new repository
  2. copy the old zigbee2mqtt configuration files from /share/zigbee2mqtt to /config/zigbee2mqtt. See: Updating zigbee2mqtt when i've installed from an old repo - #3 by dawsonweb
    I used the samba share plugin to do this via my Laptop.
  3. Start the plugin. Everything should now work like before

I hope this helps you!

Thanks, changed the repo, restored the config
FYRTUR working again

I forgot that I added the repo manually …