Cover entities stopped working with 2021.6 update

Hi there. After updating to 2021.6 my cover entities stopped working.

I get an error message stating that
"This entity is currently unavailable and is an orphan to a removed, changed or dysfunctional integration or device.

If the entity is no longer in use, you can clean it up by removing it."

I have checked and there seems to be no other alternative to control my blinds without this entity working. I have reverted back to 2021.05 before and it works fine again, but i dont want to be stuck in an outdated version and my blinds are crucial part of my house.

Any ideas?
Im using Tuya Zigbee device TS130F


Are you using the most recent version of zigbee2mqtt?

There were changes announced 5 months ago where integrations without versions in their manifest would be blocked starting with this version of HA.

Yep, im using Zigbee2MQTT version 1.18.1
All my other hundreds of Entities from MQTT still work. All my cover entities stopped working at once after the update.
I tried adding the cover to configuration.yaml (as explained in the TS130F page) but it did not work.

This seems to be addressed with release 1.19 of Zigbee2mqtt.

The problem is the update does not show up for most users in HomeAssistant.
We need to switch to the new Repo, as instructed by following the link above.
I have yet to do that procedure and will report back.

So, this is now fixed.

How did i fix it? Well… It was not so easy to find and fix.

Turns out my Zigbee2Mqtt was stuck on 1.18.1 with an outdated repo.
Had to add the new repo to the supervisor following instructions here

Once the new repo was added, installed the new Zigbee2Mqtt add-on. It will install a fresh z2m, so you will need to tweak it to see your list and avoid re-pairing everything.

After your install is complete, STOP the old z2m add on and disable the auto-startup.
Open the new add-on configuration page and make sure EVERYTHING is exactly the same.

This post helped me troubleshoot Updating zigbee2mqtt when i've installed from an old repo
You might need to point the new add-on config to the old folder to make it easier.

In the end, i have the new version working and all my 30 something devices working correctly.

Hope this helps someone. My Covers are working ok now.


Thanks, I had been pulling my hair out trying to work this out!