IKEA FYRTUR block-out roller blind support

Does anyone have the new FYRTUR blinds from ikea?

Not sure how to intergrate this in Home Assistant.
I have the tradfri gateway set up, and 4 blinds connected to it (via the app ion ios)
But on HA the only thing i see in intergrations is the tradfri hub.
Was expecting 4 blinds, similar to the bulbs in a hue network.
I’m on version 0.98


The trådfri component doesn’t support them yet. They work perfectly fine with deCONZ though.

Picking my first set up this weekend!

@Robban Thax for input. Hopfully they add support in a near future

Anyone know if there are any news regarding this?

Eagerly awaiting any developments on this too. Really want to integrate this into HA especially as I am finding the default Ikea Smart Home app is rubbish at consistently just delivering open and close routines to set times.

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Deconz can’t find my blinds! How did you setup the blinds?

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Seems to be work in progress… :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, that branch is working. Once it has been reviewed and merged, support will also have to be added to HA.


IKEA’s own app and schedule events is crap, it can’t even hold a simple time to roll up and down my curtains… :frowning:

Waiting eagerly for HA support :slightly_smiling_face:

Agree I have an automation in ikea app going down at 21 and up at 9 but it works 3 out of 5 I would say. Just having it go down at sunset would be a blessing :wink:

I can test if someone got anything they need to test on a fyrtur blind.

I can also volunteer to test if you need to, on a Fyrtur blind.

pytradfri 6.3.0, supporting the Fyrtur blinds, is on pypi now if someone wants to have a go ad implementing it into Home Assistant.

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I think that’s kinda impressive, October 1st launch and someone has reverse engineered it in less than 6 weeks (or has someone on the development team deliberately leaked the code? Would be quite a clever thing to do actually, as they will shift more units to a wider audience that way).
I’m a bit worried their own app is poor at controlling them, so the wider community may help improve reliability (they’ll steal that code back ; - ))))
I would ).
Can the blinds as they currently are, be set to intermediate positions (when they do work via the app) i.e. Can you set it to 60% open at 09:00 (set in advance) ? Or is it just “open” and “closed” ?

@Mutt Yes through the Ikea app you can set intermediate positions at set times through timers, as you described at 9am go up to 40%.

They just released a firmware update for the blinds and gateway to improve stability. So far I would say it has helped but it has only been a few days. The repeater got updated so it can now handle up to 10 blinds on one instead of just 4/5 (fuzzy on that detail)?

Over on reddit they also said that next week they will be updating on/off remote and app, so let’s see.

This is the price you pay for being at the cutting (some say bleeding) edge of technology or a commercial escalation step, such as we have here.
Fingers crossed that things go well and 6 to 12 months from now we will be looking back on a successful, smooth and reliable integration.
I’ve also seen a thread about replacing the Ikea hub with a generic zigbee hub, I’m very interested in that!
Good luck with your equipment and your efforts

No, IKEA does not support the code. They have told us they won’t stop us using their internal API (which is that we do), but we’ll have to figure it out ourselves. Fair enough I guess.

You can set the position to a value between 0 and 100. When integrated into HA that means you can create an automation to set it to 60% at 9 am.

I’ve suggested changes to the Home Assistant code base implementing basic support for the cover. Need testers to verify it works before the code can be merged and support added:

Related issue:

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Well done sir, that’s impressive.
Okay I need to talk the wife into us getting some new blinds.
Whats a good argument given that they come in battleship grey or … battleship grey ?
Still think that if you get this more stable than their integration then they will take a peek at your code before another release. Having said that, how much of the current instability is down to the firmware on the blind itself.??? Only time will tell.
Great work