IKEA on/off switch fires no events with ConBee II and deCONZ

I have a ConBee II plugged in to a Rasberry Pi 4 Running Home Assistant OS (version core-2021.10.7) and deCONZ setup and intergrated in HA. I have added a series of Aqara sensors, a few IKEA Trådfri blinds, lights, sensor and remote control. I have also added an IKEA Trådfri on/off switch and open/close switch. However that last two does not fire any events, deCONZ or otherwise, when I press them. I can see them just fine in deCONZ VNC and they light up with two blue blinks followed by three green ones when I press them, but I see no events even though I am listening to all eventsin the developer tools.

Everything should be up to date as I have set it up yesterday. I have triede readding them multiple times both as IKEA switch and other in the Phoscon app as the solution to this topic suggested, but that have solved nothing. I have also triede removing the deCONZ integration and adding it again, but that didn’t solve it either.

Does anyone have any idea what I can try next? From the blinking in deCONZ VNC it seems as though events are firering, but for some reason they are not picked up.

So I “solved” it by going the zigbee2mqtt route instead. I don’t really want to mark it as solved to give anyone else false hope.

irritating. i have the same issue. Bought two of the Styrbar remotes. one works perfectly the other does what you describe. Repaired it 10 times deleted it from deconz, ran the purge on devices, readded same thing…

I have this problem too. The problem lies with in a change in the latest firmwares from Ikea. Looks like a fix is in the works. One solution for now might be to downgrade to an earlier version.