Ikea Styrbar not working after firmware upgrade

Hi all,

I ran into an issue with the IKEA Styrbar 4 button remote control.

I had this paired and connected to HA via Z2M for over a year without any issue.

It did exactly what I wanted it to do, controlling 3 lights and dimming one of them.

Then a firmware update showed up in Z2M and I thought that that might not hurt…stupid idea as it turns out.

Since the update (to version 2.4.11) the remote is still visible in Z2M and HA, it also sometimes shows the battery level, but there is absolutely 0 response to any button press.

I searched through the forum and as far as I could tell, most people report issues with the firmware update itself but after that has gone through the remote still works.

I have also removed it from Z2M and repaired, without any issue, but it still won’t react.

Does anybody have an idea what to do?

Thanks and regards



Fixed are merged in the dev branch

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Thanks Francisp,
So is this a known bug?
After my last attempt to pair it even remains offline…

Might try dev branch or just wait.

There are some topics on the Zigbee2mqtt github about the new firmware on Stybar

Thanks…had not found those yet…

OK, what did it for me was force removing it (which I had done before) and then restarting Z2M (I had not done this before).

Now it is reacting as it should.

Thanks again for the quick help!

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Thanks a lot! I had exactly the same issue, restarting Z2M fixed it and I was able to pair the device! Thanks!

The same exactly happened, and only with your solution I managed to fix it.
Thank you very much.

I have the same problem right now but none of the solutions worked :frowning:
I have

  • switched to the edge version
  • force removed the remote before that
  • and repaired it - this only works by removing the battery and putting it back in for some reason, the button doesn’t do anything anymore

weirdly it kinda works - building my own automations works and the actions are received by HA but no blueprints work :frowning:

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Same here, none of the above fixes worked. I did a firmware upgrade to 2.4.11 and all of them stopped working. I won’t do that again…
Any news on this? Using the zigbee2mqtt log I can see that one of them sends an up/down action but no response to left - right.
I also get the following error when I try to re-pair it to Z2M:
“Failed to configure ‘0xcc86ecfffe50815e’, attempt 1 (Error: Bind 0xcc86ecfffe50815e/1 genPowerCfg from ‘0x00124b00239327f6/1’ failed (AREQ - ZDO - bindRsp after 10000ms) at Object.start”

Any news on this?

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Hi Victor,
You do not explicitly mention that you also did the restart.
I assume you did but if not so…this is what made it work in my case.

The remotes are still working here so I cannot recreate the problem anymore.

Good luck


Thanks for figuring out the solution.
I also had the same issue, but when I went to solve it (using the solution here) one of my Styrbar’s stopped responding completely. I had to replace it. Thankfully I happened to have a spare.
The replacement will need to be updated to the latest firmware in due course and then I’ll have to do the same steps as here to get it working again.

I implemented the fix on 4 of mine, but they all stopped working again a couple of days after.
I’ve followed the steps:

  1. Remove device
  2. Restart Z2M
  3. Change batteries
  4. Join the device as a new device
    Now a couple of days later they have stopped working again.
    I had to replace one of these and now it’s looking to update the firmware… I don’t think I’ll be updating the firmware until I know that this is resolved.

Just wondering if anyone else has had the same issue and if anyone knows how to solve it?

Thank you.


Sorry to hear that.
Mine works since I did the procedure.

Let’s see for how long.

Thanks Merc.
It’s very frustrating alright.
I’ve swapped the batteries a number of times thinking it might have been that at first.
When you restarted Z2M, did you just restart the Add-In, or did you restart Home Assistant?

Pretty sure I did not fully restart HA, just stopped the Z2M addon and restarted.

Ok. Thanks Merc.
Will just gave to give it another go on all of them.

I have the same problem with seven Styrbars. They used to work fine, got a firmware update at some point, and although I don’t know if it’s the firmware update that caused this behaviour, pretty much all Styrbars that used to work fine for months without any hiccups seem to drop out of z2m after a couple of days/weeks.
When that happens I force-remove the device, restart my Zigbee coordinator (a UZG ZigStar), and then repair the Styrbar. In order to get it to go into pairing mode I need to take the batteries out and put them back in, too. Pressing the pairing button four times without removing and putting back the batteries won’t trigger the pairing mode.

I’d be grateful for a fix or a workaround, too.

I am also experience the same thing since the update for some of my remotes.
I have a Sonoff Dongle E. All Stybars are working fine but sometime one or multiple of them getting unresponsive.
Then i need to remove the batteries and reinsert them. Afterwards they are starting to work again but that is only a temporary solution.

I tried it with different batteries, forced removed the devices and added them again. But nothing seems to work forever.

I am currently on an older Z2M version. (1.36.1) but i am not sure if updating will fix this issue.

I will also be happy if someone experienced the same issues and found a solution.

So the behaviour is still the same for some my remotes but I found out that single click actions are registered as the long press and Release.

Here an example export by just single clicking top, down, left and right: