Ikea Tradfri Binding - No State

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Hi, I’m trying to use zigbee2mqtt’s binding feature to bind an Ikea E1743 Switch to a LED1624G9 Bulb. To do so the Switch is bound to a group with the bulb in.

The binding works and pressing the switch toggles the bulb, but I don’t see any state updates in HA or being published to MQTT.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this working for anyone else?

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report: true fixed it :slight_smile:

Where did you set that property?

into the Zigbee2MQTT customize.yaml , restart the service and bang, the bulb will report to HA through Zigbee2MQTT its state when you change it with the dimmer. (see)

Where can i find customize.yaml. In zigbee2mqtt folder i have only configuration.yaml, device.yaml, groups.yaml and state.jaml. Should i have to create it ?