Ikea tradfri buttons in automations

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New to home assistant, just transferred from smartthings. apologies if this question has been asked or is obvious but i get work this out.
I have a sonoff zigbee usb dongle (Texas interments) I have added some ikea buttons (round 5 button and square 2 button) connected them and set up an automation but can’t get them to work (just to turn a light on for testing) if I test it from run action in home assistant it works, but won’t work with the button press. Have i missed a step or something to set them up?

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You need to provide more information, so that someone can help. :wink: Please take a minute and read the sticky post, especially the part beginning with #8.

To sum it up, without further information you won’t get a solution. :expressionless: In your case that should be at least the automation you’re trying to setup, as well as the configuration of that buttons. :slight_smile:

Have a look at the Controller X integration.

Makes using them easy, both for controlling lights and media (and indeed anything else).

Further details also available here.

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The way you do this will depend on which Zigbee integration you are using e.g. Zigbee2MQTT, ZHA, Deconz etc.

Have a look at the Blueprint Exchange forum category as they have pre-built blueprints (i.e. standard automations) for most of the Ikea Ikea remotes that work with the various Zigbee integrations.

Thanks for the replies guys really usefully stuff. Its taken me more time than i would like to admit but i’ve found the problem the Sonoff ZigBee sniffer has an older firmware on it that needs updating to work with the Tradfi products and some others. There’s not a great deal of information out there about this (at least that i could find) you need a debug tool or a Raspberry pi to upgrade the CC2531 chip. So I guess I’ve found my next project unless anyone can recommend a cheap Zigbee stick that will work out of the box with the Tradfri range?
Link to a video on how to upgrade the CC2531 firmware-