IKEA Trådfri Gateway [Zigbee]

From my understanding of the discoveries so far, a dimmer controls one or several light through the gateway only? There are no broadcast messages that HASS can pick up and thus let a dimmer puck control just about anything?
One solution could (if possible) be to register a fake light using Zigbee and then let HASS control what should happen?
Great work btw!

There is this github repo also (not from me) that might be of any help:

They will. IKEA FAQ:

Can I develop the TRÅDFRI system by getting access to the systems API?

Not in the first release. But IKEA is working towards an open system.

Update: pull request to integrate the gateway into the Home Assistant platform.


Update #2: the pull request has now been merged into the developer branch. If I understand the process correctly, 0.43 or 0.44 of Home Assistant will have support for Tradfri. :slight_smile:


This component will need the tradfri gateway?

I am particularly interested in the motion/light sensor, wish I could just use that without the need to buy the gateway

I am also interested in the possibility to use the motion sensor to trigger actions within HA. Will that be possible with the current gateway or do we need to wait for an open API from Ikea for that?


Yes, that’s correct.

Update #3: I’m also able to control my Philips Hue lights using the IKEA Gateway and the HASS light component. :slight_smile:


Silly question. i am new to Home Assistant. please can you give me an example of the configuration to get this going?


The feature hasn’t been released yet. It most likely will be around April 22 though.

I am on the dev branch of home assistant just looking for an example config please

I see. Please have a look here for config:

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Hey folks - QQ
I saw on this youtube that a steering device (remote control) is needed to operate the system.
Hub + app and bulbs alone is not sufficient.
Is this limitation also in place with HA?

Great read! But why is CoAP being used? If I understand correctly it is used for communicating between app and hub. This doesn’t really require a low overhead protocol like CoAP. Trying to learn here so can anyone explain this a bit more?

I’ve gotten my own starter set yesterday and love it!
I was wondering, cannot seem to find it anywhere, is it possible to “intercept” button presses on the remote? for instance: when i press the lights off button, shut down all the lights in that room (not only the Tradfri lights).
I could off course read the state of the light itself, but that might not be handy at all times (when setting some kind of mood or whatever).

I think you need the streaming part of the API which the Hass community didn’t figure out yet… So possibly in the future…?

I’m going to go and buy some in a few hours, mainly because they have an e14 version and hue doesn’t.

I see that you can control hue lights from the ikea gateway. What’s the best thing to do? Control all bulbs with one gateway (can I use the hue bridge?) or can you/should you run both gateways?

Hue does have e14 now
From a month or so back

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Hi guys, Im trying to make Ikea TRADFI lights work with 0.43 release (clean installation) but Im not able to. I have a getaway which is discovered in configurator of HA but when I type/paste security code it will not connect and write “unable to connect”. Do anybody have an idea what Im doing wrongly? Thanks!