IKEA Tradfri On/Off Switch only appears in HA as battery level

I just got a Sonoff CC2531 USB Dongle and an Ikea Tradfri On/Off Zigbee switch. It “pairs” successfully to HA however the only entity that appears is its battery level and that is not very useful to me.

I am trying to use this switch:

and this USB dongle:

This theoretically should work and any help would be appreciated.

I do believe you need to install the Zigbee2MQTT Hass.io add-on from the Add-on Store.

and this controllerX for controlling any lights.

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You should see more :

I am not sure which integration you are using, in ZHA you will only see the battery for example. I got 3 of these switches working with ZHA throug Node-Red but there are other options now.

If you are using ZHA, you need to listen to zha_events or use a Blueprint like this one:

If you are using different integration, try to find a Blueprint which works with the integration you are using.

How did you get them working in Node-Red? Would you mind sharing your flow? I have the same problem and haven’t been able to figure out how to get it to work. My programming skills are just barely above “copy and paste examples” but that’s probably an over inflation of my abilities…

What did you do to get these entities? In my case ZHA has failed at reconfiguration and does not show any entities. Battery level is shown with question mark.
Same situation with volume controller “symfonisk”.

If you use ZHA, you have to listen to events.

If you use device as trigger in an automation (either in HA or Node red) you will see them listed there.