IKEA TRADFRI Remote (5 button version) through ZHA events

Check out this automation to simulate the IKEA TRADFRI Remote (5 button version) through ZHA events.

Holding down the power button will reset the light to normal. Holding down the other buttons cycles through the same function and stops on release.

Button Action
Power Toggle the light
Dim-Up Increase brightness
Dim-Down Decrease brightness
Right Change color
Left Change saturation

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Big thanks for that code !

This really should be a template my man. With the blueprints, this specific one is the best!

Personally I don’t see the added value with Blueprints. I haven’t looked into it because Frenck already created on that looked similar to mine.

I care to disargee. I used that blueprint since it came out and even though it’s well established, it doesn’t do the color switching which drove me mad. I definitely think this could be a valuable blueprint going forward.

That’s a nice compliment, thank you! I’ll have a look at converting it to a blueprint


Awesome. I suggest you put it in a new post in the Blueprint exchange as well. I guarantee you’ll get a thousand hits in a day :wink: Thanks, man!


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Has anybody got any idea why I am not seeing any events fired when I listen to zha_event? :thinking:

We’re not able to help you if you hold off all the usefull information. You’re not giving us much to work with…

HA Core Version: 2021.8.8
ZHA Integration using Sonoff Zigbee dongle CC2531.
I have the 5 button TRADFRI Remote connected and shown with only a battery entity.
When I listen to zha_event in developer tools while pressing buttons I am not getting any events fired!

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Perhaps you can try re-connecting the device. Here is a screenshot of one of mine, for comparison.

When listening, this is what I got after I pressed the center button.

Thanks. I’ll try doing that. Mine looks almost exact:

LQI is very low. Is it far from the closest controller / router? RSSI is unknown.

I don’t have a clue why! It is about a feet away from the router which it is connected to according the network below:

I take it that reconnecting it didn’t work?

So, I haven’t tried that yet. BUT, it worked ONCE. Then nothing. I am getting 74% battery now but when I first synced it there was only 37%. So I am going to replace the battery and see. I don’t know why it is working randomly. Maybe the remote sat on a shelf for a long time and the battery has drained. I will update you as soon as I do that. Thanks a lot.

Best of luck

Thanks. That didn’t work. :disappointed: I really don’t know why it did work once but not again. Probably the Zigbee Dongle can’t handle the number of devices but I have two TRADFRI repeaters as well. Really don’t know what’s wrong now. Probably upgrading to Conbee or another type of a well-known Zigbee stick might be the solution.