Ikea Tradfri Remote Options

What are the options for using the Ikea Tradfri remotes with HA ?

As far as I understand, they don’t pair with the gateway, but with the bulbs themselves… however I’d like to employ them to control my Yeelight bulbs and other HA actions :smiley:

From what I’ve found so far, the only options are:-
ZiGate - (Proprietary hardware)
Deconz - (With a proprietary Conbee stick or raspbee)

I already have several Zigbee sticks (for use with Zigbee2mqtt) but it seems Zigbee shepherd cannot support the Tradfri remote currently…
Ideally I’d prefer not to have to buy yet another stick - but I assume there is no firmware available to use a CC2530/31 with ZiGate/Deconz?

Are there any other options I missed ? - I’d like to get this done as cheaply as possible as WAF is low when I keep buying things :stuck_out_tongue:

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I use different remotes with deCONZ, and it works as expected. I use appdaemon to do custom automations, e.g. use side buttons to move control of lights to a subset of a room

Thanks, from what I’ve seen deconz does look like a solid option.

Am I right in thinking that the software only works with the official conbee/raspbee? - there is no way to use a DIY zigbee stick?

Yes, it is a proprietary connection between deCONZ and hardware. Though the protocol for the hardware is published.


I have managed to pair the IKEA Remote Control (5 buttons) to deCONZ with Conbee stick. But how do I use it in HA after that?

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As a long-time deconz user I would recommand it everyone.

- id: '1540672351076'
  alias: D - Ikea dim down
 - entity_id: sensor.slaapkamer
    platform: state
    to: '3002'
  condition: []
  - data_template:
      brightness: '{% set bri = states.light.g_woonkamer.attributes.brightness | int
        %} {{ [bri-50, 0] | max }}

      entity_id: light.g_woonkamer
    service: light.turn_on

The remotes generate 3002,3003,3004,3005 events you can use to do whatever you want.


Thanks for this!

The event codes is what I was looking for


I can’t seem to get this to work. How do I see if HA picks up the event from deCONZ?

Enable debug for the component and you will see all signals from devices

The tradfri remote also works with the development version of zigbee2mqtt. I set it up two days ago and it works like a charm. Pairing not just only to a bulb and so freely configurable in HA.

Not that easy though:


Will that workflow be required even after the Trådfri support has entered the stable release?

With deCONZ you just pair it and it all is set up afterwards.

If it works like that with deCONZ, it should be possible with zigbee2mqtt also. The current procedure (while very nice for the tinkerer) does not seem suitable for the broad masses.

But you should ask the devloper himself, maybe at


I was just curious. I’m happy with deCONZ

so ikea remote works with event id, i am using that now with deconz
but how does it work with zigbee2mqtt ?

In zigbee2mqtt the tradfri remote control is defined as mqtt sensor as all information is sent as (JSON formatted) payload to the configured topic. Some exmaple payloads:


The mqtt sensor state is linked to the action value via

value_template: '{{value_json.action}}'

So I can use it as trigger for my automations:

  platform: state
  entity_id: sensor.tradfri_remote_control
  to: 'toggle'
  - service: light.toggle

thnx for sharing this

I paired my tradfri remote with deconz and I can see it on Phoscon software. It works when I set up an automation on Phoscon. I don’t see the device on HA though, in the list of deconz devices (I can see other devices there).

How can I set up and automation with this switch?

I cannot setup the automation suggested by @rtenklooster because I don’t have an entity_id.

There are examples in deconz component documentation

Thx. I guess you are referring to this. I’ve read it. I’m still missing the device id though. My remote appears as " TRADFRI remote control" in Phoscon, but what device id should I expect to get in the event parameter of the deconz_event? Should I expect to see the remote somewhere in HA UI?

No the remotes will only be events. But if they report battery (most do) you will get a battery sensor that will also list the event id