IMEI Tracker integration?

Guys, i bought myself a GPS tracker, see picture below… i can insert a SIM card based on GPS coordinates i can track my cat :slight_smile:

is there somekind of integration that i can use for it? the app / website that belongs to this tracker =
or maybe somekind if IMEI tracker?


Is it a supported “traccar” device? Might be able to go that route.

You might want to check if they have an API.
But any company/site using a non secure login is something i would never touch with a ten foot pole.
So i doubt they will have an API or any other way to integrate.

dont think there is an API, but i have found indeed a way to integrate with traccar, seems the chip is a topin module, that seems to be supported with traccar on port 5023

Traccar is the way to go. I used it for my :red_car:. This SIM module should be configurable via SMS message. You may need to find a mapping between WGS84 and GCJ02 coordinate system.

indeed , have found some interesting info indeed to connect to traccar, or run a GPS server itself:

Did you manage to connect such a locator with taccar? I think I have a similar one. Which protocol should be enabled on the taccar side?

yes, see 1 post above :slight_smile:

Without any problems?
My wristband returns a lot of errors. cannot save the location. as a result, the dog appears at the coordinates 0.0000 0.0000 …

After rebooting the device it is ok, but in the middle of a short walk it stopped updating GPS locations. it was just sending the old coordinates.

Fabio, How is your hassio-traccar tracker experience?

I just tested it for a day, but back to 365 app for now, …

Sending and receiving sms messages with tracker cost me money, the 365 isn’t :+)

I understand that configuration changes incur some SMS costs, but with regular use by traccar, are you incurring any costs?

No, but to setup stuff like upload intervall, remote powering on/off… When I send an sms todo that, i always get a sms notification back…

I have a prepaid card it, internet data costs are verry low, almost nothing , sms is costing me more …

The rest API for gps 365 is this:

But I am having a lot of problems trying to get the JSON parsed in HA. See my thread here:
Using the results of a simple GPS Rest call? - Configuration - Home Assistant Community (

Perhaps you guys have some more luck

That IP address is the one from gps365 ? What can you do with the API? Also possible to send commands like remote turn on and schedule interval?
Also possible to retrieve the location?

I see there is also another API?

Would be nice to have an integration in HA to send commands also :slight_smile:

Ok, now I found the stuff also , seems there is indeed more to send commands…

Gonna test with it next week… Would be nice to see a location history on a map in HA… Is that your goal too?

Hello how are you I greet you from Ecuador, there is the possibility of consuming an API to obtain the coordinates of the GPS GF21, to consume them from a web app or mobile web as tracking, I will be very grateful for your information or any example that could be observed functioning

Look here…