Immax Neo Keypad in Home Assistant with Alarmo

Hey everybody,

I want to setup an alarm system with Alarmo and a physical keypad. I started to follow Lewis‘ tutorial 4 Automations For A Better Smart Home Alarm System! but the keypad he uses is currently sold out for weeks. So I was offered the Immax Neo Keypad Immax NEO Smart keyboard Zigbee 3.0 -

I managed to connect it to HA via ZHA. However it does not have any entities and does not show up as alarm panel or something. I tried to listen to ‚zha_event‘ in the developer tools as Lewis describes but there is nothing when I input a number sequence and then hit the disarm key.

I tried several things but no avail. Has anyone gotten this to work?

Submit a new " Device support request" as an issue (including Zigbee device signature, etc.) to the ZHA Device Handlers (a.k.a. zha-quirks) project on GitHub →

The reason why custom ZHA Device Handler (a.k.a. quirk) are needed to be written/coded for some devices is explained in ZHA docs →


did you manage to make it working in HA?


Nope. I gave up and returned it. Now got a Frient keypad and it works well.

Please understand that Zigbee devices that do not only use standard configuration and parameters (default ZCL clusters and attributes) but instead also implement custom manufacturer clusters and attributes (also known as “quirks”) will need a custom handler/converter/parser/translator as Python script code in the upstream “ZHA Device Handlers” library repository to extend custom manufacturer device “quirk” support for specific non-standard ZCL clusters and attributes (which Zigbee gateway implementations that depends on zigpy and the ZHA Device Handlers library, like Home Assistant s ZHA integration, then can make use of).

If you can not code that Python script code yourself to write the needed custom handler/converter/parser/translator for adding that specific device to the “ZHA Device Handlers” repository/library then suggest submitting a “device support request” (with device signature and diagnostic information) as new issues →

For example see:

Without such “device support request” posted as issues to the “ZHA Device Handlers” repository/library requesting support and discussing new unsupported device or device feature with Device signature and Diagnostic information the ZHA integration developers will not even know about the device unless they by random chance happened to have bought it themselves.

The reason is why non-standard devices need a custom handler/converter/translator is explained in ZHA integration documentation here →

Zigbee devices that use clusters and attributes that are standard in the official ZCL (Zigbee Cluster Library) do not need custom handlers/converters/translators as explained in the ZHA integration documentation here →

PS: Off-topic but FYI, this also works kind of similarly for Zigbee2MQTT which also requires a custom handlers/converters/parsers/translators for specific devices →

Can I pursuade you to share how you set it up with Alarmo? I just got the keypad and I have a hard time warpping my head around the alarmo/mqtt setup.


Here ya go