Improved Shopping List! + Bring! + Google Assistant + Alexa + Siri

Great :smile:

Yes, Google Keep syncs every 15 minutes, so keep that in mind! Enjoy!

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I tried again and Spook gave me the following error message: I really can’t find the three services, did I forget to configure something? But the sensors are found.

Unknown services in :shopping_cart: Improved Shopping List!

Spook has found a ghost in your automations :ghost:

While flying around, Spook encountered the following automation:

:shopping_cart: Improved Shopping List! + Bring! (automation.improved_shopping_list_bring)

This automation refers to the following services that Home Assistant doesn’t recognize:

  • shopping_list.remove_item
  • shopping_list.complete_item
  • shopping_list.add_item

To resolve this issue, edit the automation and remove the use of these non-existent services.

Spook :ghost: Your homie.

Warning - 11.6.2024


As you can see in Home Assistant documentación, they exist. Do you have shopping list integration?

Oh, it works now! I had previously activated the shopping list, but then deactivated it again when it didn’t work. Now I have seen that you wrote that you should delete all entries beforehand and the history as well, and I had overlooked that. Now it works! Thanks so much for this great blueprint! :heart_eyes::raised_hands:

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