Improved Shopping List! + Bring! + Google Assistant + Alexa + Siri

Hi everybody,

I have implemented this interface that allows you to control the official integration of the shopping list. It is inspired by the Bring! app and enhanced by HA automations.


  • Nice interface with custom products, categories and pictures.
  • Easily add products from the catalog, recent products or custom suggestions.
  • Add products automatically, based on your consumption
  • Get a notification in your device when the Shopping list is full.
  • It allows you to sync this Improved Shopping List with Bring! Shopping List app.
  • It allows you to add products through any voice assistant (Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri)

Known issues:

  • Do not copy and paste the examples (i.e. “Shopping List – cat - CATEGORY”) when you are creating category helpers, since some word processors can change the ‘-’ and break the code. If you did it, delete your helper, create it again and make sure you type the name.
  • Do not use blank spaces between product names. They should be separated just by commas (i.e. “Oranges,Lemon,Milk”).
  • Try to avoid special characters (i.e. ‘ñ’, ‘&’ or ‘:’), since Home Assistant seems to ignore some of them, at least with shopping list services.

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Here are a few seconds of the shopping list:

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Nice write up. I have had some success using voice to add items to my shopping list (I also sync with Bring!) but you need to pre-populate the data structure with the items you want to add (not ideal)

I also have some RFID tags near where we keep dog food, when I scan them with my phone, the dog food item is added to my list.

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Thanks Tim! I ll look into both methods to expand shopping list automations!

See Voice projects since 2023.7


I will! I have been out last year and i have a lot to catch up! Thanks a lot

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Super interesting, we use Bring! since long time too, this one of the only list app, my wife adopted.
We have a simple list of things we always need to check separated to the main list. I never find the right way to automate something as for us shopping was not something foreseeable. I am super interested on how this work for you? I will try your article with Google translate.


thanks for this! I’m new to both Home Assistant as well as actually automating my shopping list, so will have to try this…right now, my grocery list is currently kept in Todoist, though I kinda want to get rid of that in light of already using Habitica for task management. This gives me ideas on how I can begin separating my grocery list from my daily todos, if anything.

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Hi, Clement. I have some ideas in my head to add not foreseeable products, but i think it will based on your preferences. Anyway, can you give me some examples?? By the way, please, let me know if it is ok enough by using Google Translate

Use to use voice too until Google removed the ability to add to external lists :frowning:

Same here, I had my list on Keep but they made a change that broke the HA integration. Moved to Bring! and google then removed 3rd party. Which lead me to where I am now. Thought I would have learned my lesson with google by now :-/ they break stuff at the drop of a hat.

I will definitely go into voice control to add products in the next chapter :slight_smile:

Done this all myself, I have things like:

  • Dog Flea every 3 months
  • Toothbrush heads every 6 months

Also have it so when the wife or I are need a super market HA sends a notification telling us there are things on the shopping list, and provides a direct link to open said shopping list.

Although I’ve got this syncing every 15 minutes, I’ve also got a Tasker script that runs, so when wife adds anything to the list, HA will immediately sync the list.

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  • Since some of you asked me, i have updated the entry including the code to create this Mushroom Card tu quickly manage the shopping list.

Captura de pantalla 2023-07-27 070517

You could make them conditional - if the list is empty, don’t show the button. I do that with many of my mushroom cards.

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It is already conditional (red, yellow, green) depending on the number of items to buy, as there is always something (in my case) :sweat_smile:


It is written in spanish, but you can get in through this link and select your language, it will be instantly translated.


  • I have updated the guide to create this lovelace cards by using also Mushroom Cards and Bar Card, in order to have main indicators in your main panel (or wherever you want), with quick access to “auto-shopping list” and “remaining items indicators”.


  • Now the guide is available in any language. Just get it in and it should translate it automatically. Otherwise let me know

I noticed that GitHub - vlebourl/shopping_list: A custom implementation of Shopping List that syncs with Bring Shopping List is archived and no more maintained since Aug 24, 2022 …

Hi Edo,

Yes, it is. But you can still download the zip file and it is still working (at least for me)