Improving the scene editor

Not sure if I’m the only one,but creating scenes with a large number of entities is a usability frustration (to put it mildly). Here’s a couple suggestions:

  • Why not being able to add all devices from a specific type, located in a specific room? So I don’t need to add these 20 lights in my living one by one.
  • Once these devices are added to the scene, why not setting properties without needing to click on each of them, one by one?
  • While we’re at it, perhaps linking the properties of specific devices. So when I’m playing with setting my lights to 50% or 30% for that ambiance, I can just set one and have the rest copy it’s values
  • And to top it off, why not having a master scene with variations instead of me needing to duplicate scenes each time and editing each variation one by one when a new device is added. I think for many scenes they’re actually the same combination of devices, but just with different settings. Like for example ‘full on lights’ and the same lights in an ambiance setting.

I think the scene editor hasn’t been touched for a long time and is in dire need for some UX love. Especially in a house with lots of devices, the scene editor should show its value. But today it’s not.

There’s already a longstanding feature request for improving the scene editor: