Include/exclude entities in recorder that not exist

In order to keep our Home Assistant instance as clean as possible, it would be very convenient to check the entities that are included / excluded in the recorder, so that if that entity disappears from Home Assistant, a simple warning can warn us that it does not exist and that we can remove it from the recoder configuration file.

With the use of Home Assistant all these years, I have been accumulating many entities excluded from the recorder, which today do not exist. I think that these entities should no longer be there, and at least they should be warned in a warning, so that the user can eliminate them. In this way everything is cleaner and more efficient.

db_url: !secret database_url
    - automation
    - calendar
    - counter
    - group
    - persistent_notification
    - script
    - timer
    - updater
    - binary_sensor.movimiento_cocina
    - binary_sensor.workday_sensor

This casuistry also applies to Google Assistant entity_config inclusions / exclusions.


You could vote for this:

Yeah, I will do it, but its not the same. Unless the frontend take in care both

I guess it depends how it is implemented.

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