Including configurators in a custom default view

I have been trying to debug why my Phillips Hue entities stopped being discovered and load, and after paring down the configuration to a very minimum state:

  name: Home
  latitude:  <redacted>
  longitude: <redacted>
  elevation: <redacted>
  unit_system: imperial
  time_zone: America/New_York

… I realized that the component needed further configuration from configurator (ie press the button). In my full config, I have custom group named default_view which wasn’t showing it.

Does anyone know how to include configurators (if any) in a group? I noticed there’s a configurator.phillips_hue entity when it needs to be done. I could include that in the group's entity_ids, but if there’s any others, I’d have to code those in too as I need them (I know I’d need them for ecobee at least). There doesn’t seem to be a group for these current (although there probably should be).

Yes, including configurator.philips_hue in a group will make it show up when needed, I have done this too.

It would be nice to be able to set up groups but still have a bucket for anything not included exactly for this kind of reason - there is Feature Request for this, feel free to vote for it!

Hm, I included the entity in my custom default_view, and wasn’t seeing it. I ended up commenting that group out temporarily so I could use the default default_view to see it.

Thanks for the pointer to the feature request, just voted for it.