Create groups for configurators

Over in Including configurators in a custom default view I wanted to be able to include configurators on a group I set as the default_view. It is feasible to make a group containing them in your own config, but he problem is that configurators aren’t created until they are needed, and it’s hard to know ahead of time what ones you would be need. I think ideally, they would be in a group automatically created, similar to group.all_lights and group.all_devices, which can then be included.

With 0.28, automations are now entities, and it has the same problem of only showing up on the default view and not having a group.all_automations. I could make a group myself to include them, but if I rename one, I’d have to update a group to include.

My main use case in all these would be making a user-friendly default_view, and having a separate admin tab that includes things like automations, scripts, etc.

Default tab behaviour on any tab is kind of a tangent feature request. If this was in place, I could make a different admin tab that had the default behavior. That wouldn’t allow fine grain control of what’s on it though.

Edit groups for scripts and automations was added in

^ this please.

Automations are very dynamic being added and disabled all the time. A group that is automatically created on startup would be helpful. ( just like the all_covers, all_switches, all_lights)

2 Likes was merged, so that adds groups for automations and scripts. Leaving this open for configurators too (with updated title)