InfluxDB integration to provide a data size sensor

I run InfluxDB as add on and can’t monitor the actual data storage size. Tried an influxDB sensor like this one:

      - name: InfluxDB Size
        unit_of_measurement: MB
        value_template: '{{ (value | float(0) / 1024 /1024) | round(1) }}'
        group_function: mean
        measurement: '"monitor"."shard"'
        database: _internal
        where: 'time > now() - 1m AND "database"=''homeassistant'''
        field: diskBytes 

This sensor seems to give the current shard size, but not the total influxDB data disk usage.

Please let the integration add a sensor that provides information on the total data size. Regards Eric

Yes. I should not have to do this. Unreliable InfluxDB size sensor - #30 by tom_l


Please please please, … :wink: