[INFO] Kwikset 910 with Zwave

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I just wanted to share some information with everyone, that hopefully might save someone the 4 days I have been working on this. In my house I have 3 Kwikset 910’s with Zwave. They had been hooked up to an Vivint (Alarm.com) panel. I had disassociated them with the Smart panel, and got them hooked up to HASS. Everything seemed to work ok, but no matter what I did I could not get them to lock / unlock. In the logs (both HASS and OZWCP) I was seeing the following error:

ERROR: Dropping command, expected response not received after 1 attempt(s)

Most site / articles that I had seen stated something to the effect of it’s not getting the security key. I knew it was, however it still wasn’t working. Long story short, when adding them to the Vivint / Alarm.com panel it asked about enabling “anti-theft” protection (which I had enabled). Once I re-associated the locks with the panel, and “disabled” the “anti-theft” protection and everything worked fine.

I don’t exactly know what “anti-theft” protection is, and/or how to disable it with anything except the Vivint / Alarm.com panel…but, something to check.

I hope that helps someone!

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@chriskacerguis, thanks for pisting this. I am having the issue where HA will pair but wont unlock or lock the lock. And I see the same error in OZW log. However I have taken this lock out of the package and paired with with HA. ITs NEVER been paired with anything else… Anyway… thanks for the info.

I had that issue too. Did you add it as a “secure node” and did you set the zwave key in your config?

I did not… so I just added that! so now I’m past that hurdle and I have it connected securely (after a reset and restart of hassio… now I need to build out templates and a card for the front end like @netopiax has in this post

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Glad it is working for you!

Feel free to look at my config for how I set everything up:


I recently saw “anti-theft” protection in the docs for a thermostat. Basically, this disables the device if you do not properly exclude it from its network before trying to add it to a new network. Most Z-Wave devices will accept an “exclude” command from ANY controller, and then can be included to a new network. But if anti-theft protection is enabled, the device is basically locked to its controller until properly excluded. I guess this also means the device is bricked if the controller fails…