Ingress with Custom URL?

I have a docker container that I’m running on the same machine as Home Assistant that runs its web interface on an alternate port. It’s not an official Add-on, but I was wondering, would it be possible to access this container’s UI through Home Assistant’s web interface? I added a panel_iframe, but I looking for a way to use ingress with this app so that I can access it remotely without exposing any additional ports to the internet.

Does anyone know of a way to use ingress with custom URLs?

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Unless you’re running a k8s cluster, you probably mean a nginx or similar reverse proxy?

This is a container running on the same machine as Home Assistant. Add-ons are nothing more than containers, so I’m wondering how I could leverage ingress for other containers running on the same docker hosts as Home Assistant without converting them to add-ons.

Why don’t I want to convert them to HA add-ons? Because that would mean I’m having to update and maintain this container myself, manually, rather than just inheriting the work that’s done already via Docker hub.

I don’t say. I don’t use add-ons either, only the product supported images.
My own reverse proxy is a “plain”, non containerized, nginx.

I just don’t know of a reverse proxy named “Ingress”. Afaik, “Ingress” is the name given to the concept if a reverse proxy in the kubernetes world.

Would you have a link to the product?

In this context, Ingress is the method used to access an addon’s web interface through the HA interface and authentication. Ingress can only be used with addons that are specifically designed for it, not arbitrary URLs.

This was the launch post:

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Oh, ok. Thanks for the clarification.
Bright idea to call it that way, if you ask me :wink:

Does that system allows to “proxy” the UI of an addon, without the need for a dedicated reverse proxy setup?

Yes, that’s the point. But it only works with addons that are built for it.

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