Inim Alarm

If you change you SmartLAN card to SmartLAN-G you can follow my updated guide in the link below. It explains all the steps for older INIM systems not connectable to the cloud. Dropbox - HomeAssistant_INIM_API_notes_public-v4.pdf - Simplify your life

The SmartLAN/SI is, I believe, just providing programming access to the system.

Hello, i have created 3 rest_command working properly to activate 3 different scenarios (using api sniffed from Inim cloud application)
Now I would like to integrate them with the alarm_control_panel object provided by HASS.
Can someone help me with the code to write to have it working?
I’d like to use that object in order to than have it available also in HomeKit.


Hi there!
I have a PrimeLAN card with API’s enabled and working.
I can send https requests to the inim IP and receive JSON data correctly in the browser.
Now, I tried to retreive sensor data in HA but I’m lost somewhere between Node Red and REST.
Can anyone point me the right way?

HI Guys, Mattia Here
I’m new to the world of HA, I’ve read everything, very very interesting.

It seems to me that whoever has a smartlan G solved the problem by sniffing the traffic with the webserver that the card creates, while whoever (like me) has a smartlan SI could not do anything.

There are two inim home applications: Inim Home and inim Home P2P, the app communicates with the card via the local network then returns the status of the sensors in the local network without cloud or webserver, has anyone tried to sniff the traffic of this app?

Buongiorno a tutti qualcuno è riuscito a integrare inim prime in home assistant?
Se si è possibile avere il codice per l’integrazione?

Hi Andrea, could you please share with us the patched version of AlienMobile application, patched with apk-mitm?

i don’t think i can post it here, just download it from apkpure and follow my instructions or write me a pm

ok, thanks Andrea

I integrated PimeLan, but is part of Sdomotica

Following the instruction of Nikitarex, and using my SmartLiving 1050 with SmartLAN/SI, I can now show my dashboard. The only problem is the extremely slow update of the zones from the cloud.

Hi guys, some news for people with smartLan SI, i was able to automatically refresh the token so you don’t have to repeat any manual process.

First of all i used Node-RED to call an api to register a new device, this will give you a token tied to the specific clientId you wrote.

Re-registering the same device and clientId will give you a new token you can change ina flow variable of node-Red.

If you want you can register multiple device with different clientid and token:

  •{"Node":"","Name":"AlienMobilePro","ClientIP":"","Method":"RegisterClient","ClientId":"","Token":"","Params":{"Username":"EMAIL","Password":"PASSWORD","ClientId":"CLIENTID","ClientName":"Galaxy S7 edge","ClientInfo":"{\"name\":\"com.inim.alienmobile\",\"version\":\"3.1.0\",\"device\":\"hero2lte\",\"brand\":\"samsung\",\"platform\":\"android\",\"osversion\":\"Oreo v8.0, API Level: 26\"}","Role":"1","Brand":"0"}}

Normally the token lasts 2 months but i refresh it every 2 week or whenever Node-RED catches any error related to the requests.

You can request the API to update the sensors status by calling this query before calling the getDevicesExtended one.

  •{"Params":{"DeviceId":"DEVICEID","Type":5},"Node":"","Name":"Inim Home","ClientIP":"","Method":"RequestPoll","Token":"TOKEN","ClientId":"CLIENTID","Context":"intrusion"}

i’m running it every 10 seconds.

I succeeded in the connection to a websocket that receive important updates like alarm activation.
It receives sensors changes too but it is not consistent, sending a “@” sends you back a pong.

  • wss://{"Params":{"Brand":"0"},"Node":"","Name":"Inim Home","ClientIP":"","Method":"WebSocketStart","Token":"TOKEN","ClientId":"CLIENTID","Context":"intrusion"}

If you have any question reply to this message or write me a pm

Hacking the network traffic generate using AlienMobile app I’m not able to find the “DeviceId”. How I can get this value?

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try listening to requests while adding the alarm to the app

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Ok, it works, also the update of the zones status! Well done!

Yeah i just don’t know how frequent we can call the api, right now i’m on 10 seconds, but i don’t know i’ll try 5 and see if they issue some kind of rate limit or ip ban

I call the API every minute because I’m afraid of a kind of ban

Ciao qualcuno alla fine ha una guida semplice per integrare Inim anche con la domotica? Io come centrale ho la 120L con la PrimeLan. Sono gia in possesso dei codici API.

Not free and only for Raspberry

Hi Nikitarex,

Thank you for all the work done it’s simply amazing… i was able to connect the PrimeLan to HomeAssistant. I was wondering if you can share the procedure to configure rednode. Thank you very much. Grazie davvero

Hi, i’ll send you my node-red flow in pm, if it works well i’ll share it here too