INKBIRD -- Help Integrate!

Inkbird is a “smart home” appliance company that offers several options to control a variety of things. Specifically I have the Inkbird ITC-308 Wifi to control a homebrew fermentation chamber. The app is the only way to access the data but seems well put together and easy to navigate. Im interested in other products including their Sous Vide but I need to know if anybody here knows how to integrate the data into HASS. I’ve seen other data ported over and I’m asking the wizzards here for a little help that could open a portal of cooking and food preparation awesomeness!


I registered the device with smart tuya instead of the recommended smart life app.
With the tuya integration the inkbird is recognised in home assistant as a climate entity.


Although…I am missing a float. It’s 8.4 degrees Celsius but home assistant shows 84 degrees.

Anyone any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


Did you ever get this working as I am just ordering one.

Could you let me know how you did this please?

Hi Stuart, I made myself a workarround. As I explained I registered my inkbird with the tuya app. With this app I can control the inkbird.
I also made an tuya integration with Home Assistant. It created a climate sensor but unfortunatly it shows the temperature times 10, so 223 degrees celcius instead of 22,3.

Therefore I created two sensor templates as described below. On is showing the current temperature and the other one te setting temperature. I cannot change the temp, just read only.
I use my inkbird for controling an old fridge, which I use for fermenting beer.
Hope this helps.


  - platform: template
        friendly_name: gistkast instelling
        entity_id: sensor.time
        device_class: temperature
        unit_of_measurement: "°C"
        value_template: >
            {{ state_attr('climate.gistkast', 'temperature') /10 }}

        friendly_name: gistkast temperatuur
        entity_id: sensor.time
        device_class: temperature
        unit_of_measurement: "°C"
        value_template: >
            {{ state_attr('climate.gistkast', 'current_temperature') /10 }}

chrome_2020-03-22_11-58-23 chrome_2020-03-22_11-59-10


Brilliant thanks so much - we are going to use ours to control the temperature for prooving bread :slight_smile:
Could I ask how you register inkbird with the tuya app - I have never used that.

I am very grateful for your help :slight_smile:

Hmmm…i don’t remember…In default the Inkbird was blinking I think. The instructions for the Inbird app and the Tuya app, where the same I think. The fact that I don’t remember it, indicates there was no special way to do it. :sweat_smile:
I installed the Tuya app on my smart phone and registered. I connected the Inkbird and than I created the integration in HA by editing the config.yaml

  username: !secret tuya_username
  password: !secret tuya_password
  country_code: '31'
  platform: tuya
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Hello, I already have integrated my inkbird in HA
But I wish the data would be updated more often would you know how it could be done?
Thank you

Do you recall the device type you chose in the Tuya smart app? I have a rapid blink but I cannot get the app to recognize the device

Oh success! It finally added using Other WI-FI!

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So has anyone else run into the issue where the sensor template value is only updating on a HASS restart and not after that?

This member mentions it and his fix…but just want to check with the hive mind out there before I try it.

Edit: Well I don’t know why but it definitely fixed the problem. The sensor template value for current temp is now updating regularly…cross-checked with the Tuya app as well as the default climate. sensor.

Weirdly the hvac_modes attribute doesn’t seem to update when the device is heating or cooling for either the sensor template I created or the default climate. entitiy id.

How did you solve this as to a thermostat, where you can change the set temp? The thermostat which comes when including is not functionable.

I have just stumbled across this :slight_smile: thanks you everyone for contributing on gettng this working.

From what I have experienced, the app for Tuya and Inkbird are identical (there may be some backend stuff that is different), the layout and reg process is the same.

Tuya integrated very easily

I have noticed (and this may have caused some people issues) that you have to be on 2.4GHz wireless.

Now to get this controller to talk to BrewFather…

Thanks for this thread, I was was looking Amazon and saw the Inkbird 308 and saw the wifi option available as well. After reading this thread I went ahead with getting the wifi version with knowing I could integrate into HA.

I am starting out with hard cider kit and will see how it goes from there!

I’m curious if anyone has been able to control their ITC-308 with HA? I’ve got everything working, correct units, etc. But I can’t change the setpoint or see the status (heating/cooling/off). Thanks!

Anyone else notice that since .118 and the fix for the Tuya integration that the ITC-308 only displays to the nearest degree? e.g. 3.5C = 3C in the template sensor and 3.6C = 4C.

You also used to have to /10 to get the correct temp in a template but now you have to *10.

I’m with Jay here…i’ve managed to integrate it via tuya and can view the temperature in HA however it is out by a factor of 10 for me too.

Yeah, I have noticed this too. At least it is now some what working. Needs a bit of polishing

Is it also just displaying to the nearest degree for everyone else or is it just me?