Inovelli LZW31 with zwave JS

Hi Guys, i just moved from 3 Smarthings hub to 2 Raspberry pi4 with Nortek/GoControl HUSBZB-1 USB Hub.

Everything is working awesome except my Inovelli LZW31! I can’t access the configuration of the dimmer i.e Ramp speed, dimming speed, State After Power Restored etc!

Is there will be ,like in openzwave, a way to access and change those setting in Zwave. JS?

Thank you very Much!

Turn off Z-Wave JS and install Z-Wave JS to MQTT. You’ll have to configure it with the device path, etc.

Then you’ll have access to the configuration.

I have the LZW30-SN and it works good. Unfortunately, not all the settings are there compared to the hubitat driver. I’m looking for a way to disable the on/off and just control the bulb w/ an association.

From the documentation you can also see that not all features are available yet.

They recommend zwavejs2mqtt to manage the configuration or wait.

Awesome, Thank you verry much, it’s asuccess!

Awesome, will try it!