Inovelli Smart 2-1 Zigbee Switch

I just received and installed the new Inovelli Smart 2-1 Switch (Zigbee) US Version. The Blue box it came in even has the new Home Assistant logo on it. Unfortunately, for me, it does not show up as a supported device in Home Assistant. It doesn’t appear under Entities or Devices, even though it paired with Zigbee2Mqtt (where it’s listed as an unsupported device). I’m running the latest HA software with the prerequisite USB dongle (CC2652P). I’ve unpaired and re-paired numerous times, but it still doesn’t show up.
The box included a security QR code, but the pairing process never requested it.
Any help appreciated.

Considering HA ships ZHA ‘in-box’ as the supported Zigbee integration, I suspect it would show as supported in ZHA.

To make the device work in Zigbee2MQTT You’re probably looking for a Zigbee Herdsman external converter for that device until it’s brought into support by Zigbee2MQTT.

Hers where you can learn how to get/build a converter for that device and get it to show up. Support new devices | Zigbee2MQTT

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Yikes! I think I’ll wait until it’s supported by Zigbee2Mqtt – which I thought it was, considering the instructions Inovelli included here. Hopefully, it’ll get included soon.
Thanks for your response.

I’d agree, maybe it’s just a firmware revision issue or something… I’d reach out on the innovelli forums. They’re really helpful on device specific issues on thier stuff. Then when you figure it out put the solution back here.

The problem was, indeed, an outdated version of Zigbee2Mqtt. The Add-On was not updating itself. Instead, I had to remove Zigbee2Mqtt and reinstall it from the Repository following these instructions.

Thanks for the help!

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