Inovelli Zigbee Blue 2-1 Switch Notifications

Inovelli is shipping another round of innovative switches, the Zigbee Blue 2-1 seen here.

The switch features multi-press functions to trigger automations and a LED light bar that’s supposedly configurable to show notifications. For example, flashing red for when the garage door is open, etc.

I’m using Zigbee2Mqtt and I am able to configure the multi press functions, but I have yet to figure out how to utilize the LED to show notifications. I’m hoping someone smarter than me has the answer or a blueprint available soon.

I had this same question yesterday. The folks at the Inovelli forum helped

The short version is you need to use the Issue Zigbee Cluster Command Service

       - service: zha.issue_zigbee_cluster_command
          ieee: 94:de:b8:ff:fe:f4:be:38 # <----replace this
          endpoint_id: 1
          cluster_id: 64561
          cluster_type: in
          command: 1 
          command_type: server
            - 1         #Effect
            - 0         #Color
            - 100       #Brightness
            - 255       #Duration
          manufacturer: "4655"

I saw that discussion yesterday on the Inovelli forum, but I wasn’t sure if it works with Zigbee2mqtt. It is beyond my scope of yaml knowledge.
When I see code like that, I’m never sure where to paste it… in the configuration.yaml file, in an automation file? It’s a “cluster-you-know-what” to me. :wink:

I started on a script for LED effects through Z2M.
My blues have been delivered but I haven’t had the chance to install them yet so my script is incomplete.

It looks like you would send a MQTT message to trigger the effect.

Here is my script so far. It’s loosely based on the Inovelli Red script here: Inovelli Z-Wave Red Series Notification LED
It has selectors for LED#, Level, Color, Effect, and Duration.
LED#, Color, and Duration can accept the number value directly as well as the “friendly name”. The Effect value must be the “friendly name”.
This also supports selecting multiple switches to set at once.

The only possible issue is the device name (found in the MQTT device) of the switch entity needs to match the friendly name in Z2M.

If I have time, I might attempt to convert this into a blueprint.

Edit: Removed yaml, look below for link to my Github

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Nice! Is this in version control somewhere for updates/PRs?

EDIT: This file no longer exists, use my blueprint instead.

This script is currently on my personal HA Config Github.
Once I convert it to a blueprint I’ll separate it into its own repo.

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Thanks a bunch for taking the time to do this so I don’t have to :wink:

I was having some issues but tracked it down to needing to update z2m to pull in some fixes for these specific switches.

Made it a blueprint