Input Number - Slider Not showing number

After my upgrade to 0.92.2 and Lovelace UI, my input slider stoped showing the number, I use this with some automations to make it as a timer to turn of my boiler.
See screenshot for reference.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the help

well, mine is there on 0.93.1 (desktop browser), but check this out

Interesting… Guess I can always try and upgrade and see if it fixes… :frowning:

To be honest, I haven’t seen issues like yours at all and not sure upgrade would help…
My issue was Lovelace’s behaviour on small screens.

Noticed this only recently, after biting the bullet and upgrading to the latest HA version and going from States to Lovelace as main interface.

Input_numbers seem to be the only entity domain suffering this (bug). commented with pictures what’s happening, and truly hope the devs are willing to change behavior. This cant be per design for inout_numbers.
Input_numbers are a prominent part of the user interface, and their state needs to be in view at all times, no matter the window size, just like switches, sensors, lights etc etc.

please give this some traction.

Yeah, I hate the fact that if you use a slider, it doesn’t show the value unless you move it and I’d love to see it implemented properly. See it every time I control my HA from my phone, it’s a pain.
However, for now as far as I get, the devs consider it “as expected” :frowning:

which is most peculiar to say the least. Slider states should always be visible, and on mobile device now never is ?!?
this can’t be as per design, should we file another issue giving it more traction? Cant imagine any UX designer thinking this is great user experience, not being able to see what the state is…

not sure if increasing the number of issues would make devs change their mind…
maybe it’s more productive to find a way to bring appropriate devs’ attention to that particular issue and discuss it further?
however, I don’t know how, it’s so complicated with HA that I have almost given up opening new issues, they rarely work at all :\

has anyone seen their input_number states back already? :slight_smile:

been busy with some other Lovelace stuff, and forgot about this rather annoying issue, which, being on 109.6 still is bugging the interface.

the issue was closed, but not resolved, Ive asked @akasma74 to reopen (is that you @AhmadK ?)

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