🔹 slider-entity-row - Add sliders to entities cards

This lovelace plugin lets you add a slider to your entities cards to controll light brightness, media_player volume or cover position - among other things.


Is this different than the one that’s been around for a long time? I’ve been using the slider-entity-row for over a year.

It’s the same. It’s just I used to have all my plugins in one forum topic, which grew out of hand. So now I’m trying to open new ones as they are introduced in HACS.

OK, gotcha. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good to know!

Since I just stumbled in this new thread… How does one get the open/closed status when using a cover?. I´m any able to get 0-100%


hi is there anyway to select a switch entity that references another entity?

eg. i have a switch that turns a fan on and off and i have a input_number to set the vent flaps from 10 to 100%

or i have a switch to turn the aircon on and off but a slider to set the temps.


No. You’d have to use two rows for that.

Thanks for plugin, really nice!

I have three questions:
1- How to disable overall toggle?
2- Im using Shelly 1 as switch for a light - how to have lamp icon?
3 - How to use custom name, is it only by using “friendly name” under “devices”?

add “show_header_toggle: false” to your config

change the icon in “customizations” in the configurations page

you might be able to change the name there but for sure you can change the name in the “entities” section.

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thx all worked great!

Thanks for the card.

Any ideas how I’d go about adding a tap action: more-info button on the top right of the card? Or anywhere on the card.

Something like the Light card has:

Would love to see a positional slider for fans and/or input selects that allow having set positions with labels. With an enforced short label (5-6 characters or possibly more) and a set number of positions it seems like this wouldn’t be too hard, but I’ve never done any Lovelace development.

Something like this:


And of course…especially useful for a stereo that goes to eleven.


I suggest you raise this with Google, who made the slider: https://www.webcomponents.org/element/@polymer/paper-slider

Thomas, I love your slider addition and it’s been working on all my windows computers perfectly once I finally reread your directions a dozen times. But I’m having issues with getting it to not show up with the “Custom element doesn’t exist:…” on my android phone. Both in the HA app and on chrome. I’ve cleared the cache on both but the issue seems to persist.

Probably just a simple fix. But I can’t seem to figure it out.

Seems to be an issue with my phone’s cache. I’ve reset it multiple times in chrome and the HA app. Maybe I’ll start another thread about it and not pile it all up in here.

Hi there
I’m super happy with the plugin. A small question, am I the only one who can see 100% of the open shutters instead of Open?
When closed, it is correctly closed. Or is that normal? Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:


I have attached a screenshot of my setup, which is combining fold-entity-row with slider-entity-row. The rooms are closed by default (as seen in Kitchen).

Is it possible to add the brightness slider to a group (for example, Living Room) while having the foldable row function? Currently, I need to open the group and slide each lamp individually or tap the group and slide from there.


EDIT: Thank you for your help, got it just as I wanted!

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Just make the head a slider-entity-row too.

Was the behavior of the hide_when_off feature recently changed in an update? Until recently the full row slider would completely disappear when off. Now it says “off.” Having the full row is nice for some of the long names, especially when viewed on mobile screens…